our hoppy easter

April 23, 2014

easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014easter 2014We had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. We gave the girls a community Easter present (some card games, fun glasses, and things for drawing), we didn’t get to do our own egg hunt, but they got to do one at our church gathering and at Grammy and Grumpy’s house, and of course we had a good time worshipping and being reminded why we celebrate Easter with our church family. We got to spent time with our church family, Ben’s family, and my family, so we were totally happy campers as we bustled from one place to the next.

I know I get lost often and my eyes aren’t always fixed on the prize of Christ, but all my shortcomings just remind me why I need Christ so much more. I’m never going to be a perfect mom, there’s honestly no such thing. I fall short all the time and I make so many mistakes, and I’m thankful for their constant love and forgiveness, but more importantly, I’m thankful for the forgiveness that was given to me because of the cross.

on all the ladies: dresses, vintage (mine and true’s are from ms. tips).

5 comments on “our hoppy easter”

  • Ms.Tips says:

    Happy belated Easter! Love the dresses on you pretty ladies! When I first got that blue novelty print dress I thought they were bunnies, don’t they look like bunnies? Ruby, that dress looks perfect on you!!

  • Lauren says:

    What a beautiful Easter! I love seeing posts like this because they have so many life moments you can’t see in magazines anymore. My favorite kind of photos are families spending time together. I’ve been peeking in on your blog since the girls were little and I am amazed at how they’ve grown! You all look so happy. 🙂

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  • nikki says:

    so cute! and i love your hat!



  • Joanna says:

    Thank you for your encouraging words about the true meaning of Easter. It’s just what I needed to hear tonight. God bless you!

  • Denise says:

    A beautiful Easter celebration. I love how candid you are with your life, shortcomings and all. I mess up every single day, and I’ve got to admit that sometimes the only shining light at the end of the day when I look and all the things missed on, it’s only Gods grace and Jesus’s death and resurrection that keeps me uplifted. I’m hearing you and it resonates with my soul.. We are truly human

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