November 26, 2011

thanksgiving has begun
This Thanksgiving was extra special because we got to spend it with both our families. Our hearts are filled with lots of thanksgiving everyday for everything God has done. God is really so good!
Things we are thankful for…
– Our little Glow. She makes our days brighter.
– God’s constant forgiveness and patience with us. We fail so often, yet his love remains steadfast and unchanging.
– Our temporal good health.
– Family and friends who we love and sometimes fight with. God uses all our relationships to love and depend on him even more.
– Christ’s redeeming work he did on the cross for my behalf. I am so undeserving.
I can’t say that my heart is constantly filled with joy and thanksgiving because I get frustrated and complain too often, but I am asking God to grow that part of me.
Hope your every days are filled with thanksgiving and joy!!!

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