October 31, 2011

halloween 2011
halloween 2011
halloween 2011
halloween 2011halloween 2011halloween 2011halloween 2011halloween 2011halloween 2011
halloween 2011
happy halloween
costume details: pants, vest, hat sash, and bow tie: sewn by me; bow tie pattern: blue cricket design tutorial; true and brave’s shirts: marcus uniforms; soul’s shirt: c/o vintage aga; glow’s shirt: an old lap tee; skimmer hats: zurchers party store; mustache on a stick: something’s hiding in here.
This year I changed it up a bit and instead of our usual story, we decided to do a song and dance number and a barbershop quartet fit our newly grown family perfectly. Though if you watch the video, not everyone was involved or in the mood, but that’s life with little ones and you just have to roll with the punches. But I must say, rolling with the punches isn’t always easy. Nonetheless, I find their little show adorably heart melting. I mean, Brave’s not singing, but she makes the best faces and True is shy, but she isn’t when mommy’s behind the camera, and well Soulie, she is kinda being her little feisty self and not wanting to do anything. Then there’s Glow… and she just fell asleep. We Bratchers always love having a bit of fun dressing up! It always makes for good memories…
We can’t wait to go trick or treating tonight! Wanna see our past Halloween stories? Read The Three Little Piggies, Hannah and Gretel, The Untold Story of Oz, and Little Red Riding Hood.
It is a teensy bit long, but if you want a good laugh, here is a slightly different kind of sandman, the Metallica version, an improv done afterwards by True and Ben…

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