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February 4, 2013

superbowl sunday gardeningsuperbowl sunday gardeningsuperbowl sunday gardeningsuperbowl sunday gardeningsuperbowl sunday gardeningsuperbowl sunday gardeningsuperbowl sunday gardeningsuperbowl sunday gardeningWe didn’t really watch the Super Bowl, we actually spent it gardening. Normally, we do watch it together as a family, but this year we opted to all get outside and pull weeds from our vegetable garden. Those weeds were growing like crazy and we still have 3 vegetable beds to pull weeds from! The Super Bowl was on for us to listen to it, but we couldn’t really hear it from outside, though us girls did go back inside to watch the half time show.

We kind of wanted to be festive so we ordered a pizza and I was going to order wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, but it was so frustrating trying to find any nutritional information on their site. I finally did find a hint about it and their site stated that I needed to email them to get the nutritional info. That’s just so lame and no bueno! Seriously! They should have that information easily accessible to their customers considering they are a pretty big franchise. After that, I was definitely not going to give them any of my money. I did continue sleuthing and manage to find some info on their wings from other sites and 1200 calories for 10 wings, not including the bleu cheese I was probably going to dip them in (I love bleu cheese!), made me extra glad I didn’t order any. I think I’m going to have to come up with my own for baked spicy wings.

After the girls were in bed, Ben and I did manage to catch the last 5 minutes of the game. It was pretty exciting and Ben was really happy Baltimore won. He doesn’t have a particular football team he roots for, but he tends to have a soft spot for underdogs and the less arrogant of the teams, so to him, Baltimore was his pick. What were you doing yesterday? Was football a part of your Sunday?

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  • giulia says:

    i’m so excited to see what you do in this garden this summer:)

  • rebel says:

    Actually… we were over at the neighbors chatting and they asked if we were going to watch the game and i said ” there’s a football game on today?” Im such a dork. Love your garden progress, wishing the ground wasn’t still frozen in my neck of the woods. And im a blue cheese nerd too!!

    Xo the rebel

  • We had it on, mainly to watch the commercials… but both my husband and myself ended up getting into the game. We live in California, but we were both rooting for Baltimore. Neither of us are huge football fans… my reason for cheering for Baltimore is because they were wearing purple. My husband’s reason was because a group of ravens (the bird) is called an “unkindness” and he thought that was really neat. We just enjoyed spending the time together being lazy and eating our homemade mini pizzas! Looking forward to seeing more of your garden!

  • Aileen says:

    I’m so jealous that you’ve already got your garden going! I tried last year and failed MISERABLY. The potted lettuce plants I had in my laundry room started going crazy and growing UP and all the plants (tomato, zucchini and pepper) in my small raised bed died except one tomato plant that started growing ONE tomato which was gone within days by I’m sure a bird. I really want to try again this year!

    Do you have any advice/resources on how to get started? Is the PVC pipe/cover to keep birds out? Maybe I need something like that over mine.

  • Liz says:

    I made these instead of chicken wings:
    They were pretty good and my husband and I decided that they would probably be just as good without the breading step., Just roasted cauli with the hot sauce part. I’ve also made homemade wings in the past by grilling plain raw wings, seasoned w/ salt pepper and garlic powder, then tossing in franks red hot sauce. And for the blue cheese, I mix up higher end store bought dressing (“Marie’s” is a brand here in upstate ny) half and half with lowfat buttermilk using an immersion blender to make it smooth, we like the flavor but not the chunky texture of blue cheese plus it’s not as high in fat or calories that way!

  • Anastasia says:

    My friends invited us to their superbowl patty and they recorded the whole game except for the last 3min! Not good! But it was still fun. 🙂 If yiu find a good recipe for wings, I want to know it too! Because I love wings, but I don’t like buying them…

  • Sara says:

    We made chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday! My mom in law baked them with salt and pepper and she said the last 3-5 minutes she turn on the broiler so they get crispy. I mix a little bit of butter with franks hot sauce and another sauce I make is a little bit of butter, garlic salt, Italian seasoning and parmasean cheese. Yum! We like ranch dressing with our wings.

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