February 2, 2013

soulie!The weekend started off great as the BFF and I had a dinner date then partied hard at the Oh, Hello Friend store opening party! Seriously, we consider live music, cupcakes, shopping, and staying out past 9pm partying hard, but boy once that clock hit 9 o’clock our bodies were already begging to be in bed. We’re such nerds I tell you. Anyways, this past week has been great and here we are now in February. This month is going to be amazing and crazy, I can just feel it already.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow is really trying to interact and play with her older sisters more. It is so amazing to watch! She can get pretty feisty too when she’s fighting after a toy she wants.

True and Brave love free writing. They come up with the cutest little stories!

In love with this pillow that Ingrid made.

Thankful for my girls and their patience when sometimes I turn into a crazy mama.

Love this new sponsor. If you’re in the need for some pretty invitations, check her work out!

Soulie will only wear freshly-picked moccs. We went somewhere and she forgot to put shoes on, then I tried to put on some flip flops that were in the car and she threw a fit! She yelled and screamed her way through the grocery store because she didn’t have her moccs on. Oh that girl!

Emmy shared this “Yes-mom” post with me and I think it’s something I definitely need to work on.

I learned you don’t capitalize the seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall). I totally thought it was a proper noun that needed to be capitalized, but I guess it isn’t. Even I learn a lot in homeschooling too!

I like how this post phrased it, “Mothering under the gaze of God…” Another thing I need to work on.

Thankful for getting a night out with my best friend and then being able to hang out with more friends.

Thankful that I actually got to clean our bathrooms this week. It was getting pretty bad and filthy. No joke. It was pretty embarrassing, especially my bathroom.

I can’t believe it’s February already. I’m nervous about this month as we have a lot to do, but I’m really excited for March. We have lots of family things planned and as much as I love winter, I’m kind of getting excited for spring. What are some of your plans in February?

4 comments on “huzzah!”

  • mandie says:

    We’re doing our research on baby chicks and this month will finally get to bring home a few & build a coop! I’m SO excited to try my hand at chicken farming and can’t wait til we get to stop buying eggs at the store! 🙂

    I’m anxious to hear more of your backyard orchard goings on.

  • Holly says:

    love your huzzah posts 🙂 always fun to read a list of links and thanksfuls. 🙂

  • Lisa says:

    all things to be thankful for x

  • Sounds like you’ve been busy over there! I capitalize job titles, like Social Worker and Doctor, when I really don’t need to! I’m sure I’ve been guilty of capitalizing Summer and Fall a time or two!

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