polaroid tuesday: week one

January 6, 2009

Hi all. I’m back. Right after the new year, we were whisked away by my side of the family to Mexico (one day there) and some floating around in the Pacific Ocean for a couple of days (thanks mom & dad for this treat). This was all in celebration of my dad’s 50th birthday (my mom and him married young and had me young). It was a grand jovial celebration of my dad’s half of a century and our family.

Of course, while there I took along my new-old polaroid camera. I am so loving it! With this new year, I wanted to embark on a new little challenge/project for myself. My goal is to take at least one polaroid picture a week (those things are darn expensive) and share here every Tuesday. Let’s see how this goes. I think this will be fun and challenge more picture taking skills cause really taking pictures is just a lot of fun. So here is the first (a real polaroid picture and not a poladroid) of what will hopefully be a collection of 52 polaroid pictures…
This was our home for a couple days and the sea animals were our neighbors. My girls were especially happy. I will share more pictures of the trip and our special end of the year celebration soon.

Happy First Tuesday of 2009!!!

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