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February 1, 2013

instagramInstagram is really such a fun app. When I first joined a little over a year or so ago, I would just use it periodically when I was with Ben because he was the one with the iphone. I’m not really too picky about smart phones, so I was content with my old school flip phone. Then, I got an ipad over the summer and I was able to instagram that way, but Ben finally upgraded his iphone 4 to a 5 back in December and I was the lucky recipient of his 4 and boy was I ecstatic. Actually, I think I was most excited about picking out a case (and I chose one with a llama). Since I have a phone, I love being able to instagram from that too!

I’m always totally late in joining social media stuff and I’m not always so good at promoting it either (did you even know there’s a facebook page for Cakies?). When I finally joined instagram and twitter, and saw all my online friends on, I felt like there were all having these conversations without me and then I finally got to join in the fun! It can be overwhelming and I never know who to follow and how to start searching for people to follow. And don’t even get me started on the vine app, which I actually joined early, but that app is a whole other level of fun! 6 second videos are just so cool! True and Brave keep asking me to let them make another.

So tell me, who are your favorite instagrammers? Do they also happen to be your favorite bloggers if they have a blog? I would love to discover some new, inspiring feeds to follow. If you want to follow along on mine, search @rubyellenbratcher on instagram and vine!

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  • Rachel Cambell says:

    I was late to the iPhone and Instagram game too but I love it – I could wax lyrical about it all day! I just feel like it’s a very practical way to seek to be creative through the day and be encouraged to observe little moments of delight! I also love getting glimpses into other people’s worlds and through their lenses. My favourite is (and not because I have to say this) my husband @chriscambell!

  • Keri-anne says:

    Oh i too love Instagram. I am so happy that you follow both of my accounts (gingerlillytea and iwasthesea). I love seeing into your little world and taking a peek at your beautiful girls 🙂
    I have added the page on facebook also.

    Keri-Anne xxxxxxxx

  • leah. says:

    i love instagram, and the new vine app is so much fun! i am so entertained watching and making these six second snippets. i follow you on vine as well as on instagram – your family is adorable, and reminds me of my big family, homeschooled, childhood. my account name is rhymeswithcrazy.

    other favorites of mine are narmalie, ryanmarshall_, winterseven, yanpalmer, _tamarakate, sueprado, saraahkay, and fargebarn… just to name a few! some of them are favorite bloggers as well (ryanmarshall_ had a beautiful blog up until last year), but many of them are professional photographers. i am pretty sure that instagram might be my favorite social media app… but vine is becoming a contender!

  • Iris Vank says:

    I love instagram too!! Good to know you are on instagram too (I’ve started following you immediately). My favourite instagrammers are probably @dabito @amerrymishap @weekdaycarnival @francagarrels and @zilverblauw.

    I am looking forward following you there!

  • IG is awesome! I haven’t been doing it too long but I love it – micro-blogging! My faves tend to be fellow home and unschoolers like @kristinrogers, @denisebovee and @albark. All are very inspiring mamas! I’m @ourgreennest…

    How awesome you finally got an iphone…I feel like I often miss out things with my android or not facebooking, twittering, etc., but I think I”ll stick with just IGing. I do love it. Have a blessed weekend!

  • I follow all my favorite bloggers on Instagram. But one of my top favorite IG is Joyprouty. She is so beautiful and inspiring ! I don’t know if her feed is still avalaible to everybody though.

  • Frédérique says:

    I only follow very few people as I just recently joined and am more of a facebook person 🙂 but apart from your gorgeous family I also really enjoy the pictures posted by elizabeth antonia@thelittlest, Have a great weekend! ps; your state’s weather is SO confusing but awesome too, it feels like we keep going form Fall to Summer every few days:)

  • Selina says:

    I don’t have an iPhone so I’m not on instagram myself, but I do have my faves that I will end up following when I eventually get an iPhone.
    One I like to look at is instagram.com/joyprouty/
    She has some really inspiring photos!

  • jane says:

    i’m just glad you finally got a phone! haha! i instagram way too much. it’s a disease. haha! i follow alex, who just got an iPhone. i only follow him to see what crazy stuff he’s up to. 😉

    miss you! dinner this week?

  • misha lulu says:

    happy Sunday, Miss Thing, I will send that stuff today! Sorry I forgot!

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