good and bad

April 2, 2010

We love eating from our garden. Recently, we harvested some dinosaur and curly kale and whipped up a big batch of kale crispies. See all that kale pictured below, we cooked it all in one night and ate it all in one night too. Eating vegetables in our house is so good and yummy!
dino and curly kale
dino and curly kale
{both pictures: dino kale of left, curly kale on right}
Then last night, Ben and I were still a little bit hungry before going to bed, so he decided to whip us up a smoothie to get more fruits and veggies in for the day. He put in some apples, oranges, blueberries, and a turnip. Yes, a turnip. Let me just say it was the nastiest smoothie ever! I did in fact drink it all, just for all the nutritious stuff inside, but I did hold my nose or at least tried to. It was literally like drinking horseradish! Yuck! My nose hurt so much afterward. That was my only experience of something healthy tasting so, so bad. The things we do in this house to eat our fruits and vegetables!
the nastiest smoothie ever
The weekend is almost here and my piles are slowly dwindling. I will attack more of it today. Unfortunately, my Benny is still sick and I hope he gets better soon, though it is kinda nice having him home this week! I like him being here. I hope he feels better by Easter. Speaking of Easter, which is a very special day and a day we are going to happily celebrate. All because of what Christ did on that cross, I am free, no longer a slave to my sin. Praise God for his abundant grace and forgiveness.
Have a wonderful Easter weekend! I will also be introducing some of the newest sponsors with some good giveaways, so come back and visit.

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