hello sand

July 17, 2013

beach daybeach daybeach daybeach daybeach daybeach daybeach dayThis is from a few weeks back when the girls and I decided to spend the morning at the beach. Glow was terrified of the sand for the first hour, so Glow and I just chilled on the blanket and watched while my other little beach babes were playing. It’s so funny because Glow was doing all sorts of cute poses for me and my camera. That rest the face of the fist thing… ah, so cute!

She started getting braver and was slowly becoming friends with the sand. It started with touching it from the blanket, then slowly venturing out to plop herself on top of it and start playing with it. Finally, she was full on best friends with it and when it was time to go, she didn’t want to. It always happens that way, doesn’t it?! We must head back there soon so that she can rekindle and grow that friendship.

P.S. Glow’s cute little top was sent over from Home Spun Vintage.

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