missing the big two

June 15, 2016

It’s been a wild and busy couple months. With our family trip, to starting home renovations, sending the big girls off to Texas, then getting sick, lots of things have been thrown to the wayside. We saw True and Brave off last week, and the next day Glow got really sick and couldn’t hold anything down. She was in bed for two days and on a liquid diet. Then, just when we thought things were good, Ben and I come down with something at the same time. We must have come down with whatever Glow had, but it manifested itself a little bit differently in both of us. Monday night was definitely rough. I just remember hearing Ben tell Soul and Glow to eat whatever they want (they ended up having pizza for dinner), and then waking up to them talking about how they loved the cotton candy. Ben is still a little sick with something, but I feel mostly better, so then everything can still go on.

Soul has been very verbal about missing her older sisters. It’s the sweetest thing. They are such a tight knit pack that it really changes the dynamics when they aren’t all together. We’ve been letting Soul and Glow sleep in True and Brave’s bed while they’re gone, so I think that’s giving them a little bit of comfort.

We can tell True and Brave miss us more too. They’re definitely texting and calling us more than last year. Our relationship has changed in the last six months and we’ve gotten closer. I think I’m a baby stage kind of mom, then a 10 year old plus kind of mom. I really struggle when they’re in the 4-9 year ages. I also attribute the closeness to a whole lot of grace and God working on my heart (and theirs) the last few months, and intentional moments of trying to be silly and present.

The four of us miss our big two and can’t wait until the Bratcher six is together again.

on true: little mermaid dress, c/o childrensalon. clogs (on super sale right now!), hanna andersson. on brave: dress, handmade. salt-waters, zappos.

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