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July 16, 2013

kiwi cratekiwi cratekiwi cratekiwi cratekiwi cratekiwi cratekiwi crate Kiwi Crate sent over these little boxes over awhile back and I have been saving it for the summer time. I knew their crates filled with projects would be the perfect thing fill a summer afternoon. Kiwi Crate hit it on the spot with how engaging their projects are. They are hands-on, educational, and fun! We made collages, spinning tops (that also taught them about color mixing), decorated our own fabric bags, and we haven’t even completed the whole box yet!

The girls are always asking to make something new almost daily, so I like that Kiwi Crate did just that and I didn’t have to run around the house looking for all the supplies, unless you’re much more organized than me, then you wouldn’t have to run all over the house for project supplies. Besides the fun that is meant to be had with all the projects, I like that they are all reasonably priced, so if you don’t consider yourself crafty, but want to provide the little ones with some crafty things, Kiwi Craft would be the way to go. The boxes include everything you would possibly need to complete the project, so you just open the box and start making! You can purchase single crates or subscribe to get crates monthly. Kiwi Crate may be my new go-to birthday gift place for the other little kids in our lives too. I know my girls would be ecstatic if they got a Kiwi Crate as a present!!!

Kiwi Crate has a special Summer Discovery series of crates right now that are perfect for summer. I definitely recommend checking it out! For Cakies readers, Kiwi Crate is offering Cakies readers 25% off the first month of Kiwi Crate using the code CAKIES.

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