October 16, 2011

my big baby
Learned and links…
– Glow turned one month old this week. One month?!! That flew by. She is still teeny and we love her so!
– True and Brave are getting better at reading and Soul is getting better at being stubborn.
– You guys are great for all the support you gave for those with HoPE!
– I totally know what my kids are going to be Halloween and so excited about it!
Korean tacos… um, bombdiggity!
– Love this new to me blog. Simple and stylish!
– You can help with this kickstarter project for a book on fathers.
– Honored to be named one of Babble’s 2011 top 50 design blogs for moms and amongst some pretty fantastic ones too!
– Trying to be intentional and ask myself “How am I glorifying God as I…?” constantly throughout the day.
I know you all have been having lots of questions of late, from what baby names we might have used to type of swaddling blanket, so if you had something you wanted to ask me, ask away! I will try to answer your questions in another post soon. Look here for some previously asked questions and answers.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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