newest member of our family

April 6, 2009

Somehow we gained a new member in our family. She lives in our front porch area. We noticed her about a week ago and we think she is here to stay, at least for awhile. Funny thing, is that we were going to get rid of all the shrub in this area to make way for what is supposed to be a mini courtyard of sorts, where we were planning on doing True’s party, but our renovation plans will have to wait until our tiny family member leaves. Yes… our plans change for a bird. Everyone, we would like to introduce you to Mrs. Huneybird (as True likes to call her)…
mrs. huneybird
mrs. huneybird
This is Mrs. Huneybird’s little home…
the nest
She made this home for her two little Huneybirds…
the eggs
We can hardly wait to meet them! Us girls (and Ben) spend a lot of time just looking out the window watching the hummingbird (True thinks it is called honey-bird). Today, was my first time trying to get as close as possible outside to take a picture (without touching the nest or any part of that shrub as we want her to know she is welcome). Plus, we don’t want to get in trouble because it is illegal to even hold, harass, or touch a hummingbird nest or egg… really! 
It really is amazing to see God’s little creation right outside our window. We are all in awe. He takes care of the birds, how much more does he take care of us. I can’t wait to do little projects and things with the girls that have to do with hummingbirds. I think they would really enjoy it!
This week is a busy week as I must, at least try, to sew some Easter outfits and True’s birthday outfit. Well, we’ll see how far I get…
Happy Monday all!!!

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