September 23, 2011

I purchased this vintage stroller off ebay eons ago with the intention of fixing it up. Well, True got a vintage stroller from her Auntie Linda last Christmas and of course Brave started to want her own, so I knew that this stroller would come in handy when her birthday came around. The frame of it was in fantastic condition, though I did think about spray painting it white, but decided against it. On the other hand, the seat part was an ugly vinyl that had been taped and stapled on. This was the part that had to go!
vintage stroller redo
I pretty much just tore the vinyl off the frame and it was an easy enough shape to recreate another. The tough part was figuring out what fabric to use as I still wanted it to have a vintage look.
vintage stroller redo
Then, I remembered another ebay purchase I had made which was a vintage child deck chair. I loved the stripes and the day it came in we were so excited about it, but True decided to stand in the seat and “RRRRRIPPP” it went! Now the chair needs a new fabric seat, but the torn one would do perfectly for the stroller. Off I went seam ripping the thing off.
vintage stroller redo
Mind you, the fabric from the deck chair is very old, so to make it a bit sturdier I backed it with some natural canvas and added buttonholes to be able to attach the seat onto the frame.
vintage stroller redo
And, “Voila!” We have a perfectly cute, vintage toy stroller ready to be gifted to our Brave!
vintage stroller redo vintage stroller redo
Her birthday was in August when we had the “Camp Out”, so she has been enjoying this since then (just finally getting around to posting it). She was extremely delighted to have her own little stroller to tote all her dolls. True and Brave now push their vintage strollers together and they fight about them together too. Even if each girl has their own, they still manage to fight about them. Go figure!


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