slowly conquering

April 1, 2010

I see the light at the end of the tunnel concerning my pile for all the wedding stuff as I have sewn about 600 feet of bunting and have about 200 feet more to go! Yeah! I woke up bright and early today to sew as now I have my sewing machine back. As far as the other piles all throughout the house, those will have to wait until after the wedding. Then, life can resume back to its normal scheduled programming. Until then, the girls are left to their own vices creating chaos wherever they go because right now, I am trying to sew and sew lots of bunting. Am I horrible or what? I made them feed themselves for breakfast. Kidding. Ben fed them.
the little one
As frustrated I am with all the messes in the house and with my little mess makers, they are really darn cute. They are all especially cute wearing Misha together and that is as far as matching as I go. Speaking of Misha Lulu, there is a fantastic Easter giveaway going on at the Misha Lulu blog, so don’t forget to check it out.
Off again to conquer more piles! Today Ben is home sick. I think True and Brave had a cold earlier this week and got him sick. Why is that when kids are sick, they don’t really act it sometimes? We are for sure are all going to take a family nap together, but I am praying I don’t get sick. Pray for me too please.
Of course, I didn’t forget the giveaway! See the winner here. If you all are lucky there may be another polaroid camera giveaway sometime this month and this is no April fools joke. Also, with a new month, comes a whole new addition of sponsors, so don’t forget to check them out on the right!
Forgive me if my train of thought is all over the place for this post because my brain literally is all over the place right now!
Happy Thursday!!!

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