the ring pillow

April 7, 2010

We are finishing up wedding stuff over here. I hope to finish sewing the bunting either tonight or tomorrow morning, then the biggest task of all is the flowers on Friday. Yikes! Friday makes me nervous, there is so much to do on top of all the wedding festivities. So far every night this week I have been dreaming of wedding stuff and I am not even the bride!

This is the ring pillow I made for the wedding, that probably won’t be used as the ring bearer is unable to attend because his mom might go into labor any day now. It is inspired by Rachel’s doily pillow tutorial and I think it turned out lovely for a ring pillow. It will probably just go in True or Brave’s room now.

ring pillowring pillowring pillowring pillow
I attached my rings with twine and don’t mind them cause they are really dirty! They haven’t been cleaned in years. My engagement ring was passed down to me as it was Ben’s mother’s, and my wedding band is vintage from the 1930’s. I love both my rings so much!
I am off to do more sewing! Hope your day is as productive as I hope mine will be…

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