November 1, 2011

hello november
Ever since I was a little girl I would always get excited for November and that’s because it is my birthday month! Ben and my family know that once the summer is over I pretty much start counting down. Now, it is finally here and in just a couple days I turn 30. Eeks! I wanted to travel somewhere to celebrate, but with Glow and all, we may have to postpone that a year.
This year I told Ben to keep it low key as I would be happy staying home, watching the last season of my favorite show 24, which we still haven’s seen because I will be sad when it ends, and grabbing burgers or going on a date for dinner. I know Ben is plotting a little something, so I can’t wait until Thursday! One thing I know for sure is that I will be getting a yummy breakfast in bed. That’s tradition over here for every birthday.
I have some new sponsors that I am pretty excited about and do still get giddy about the re-occuring ones too. Make sure you check them all out!
November things that make me wanna dance…
– My birthday! What can I say?!! I have always loved presents, I ain’t gonna lie.
BFF’s birthday. She is a week after me and I can’t wait to give her her present.
– Fall weather coming to SoCal for real.
– Doing our Fall-ebration because we didn’t get to do it in October.
– Thanksgiving and stuffing myself silly with all the yummy food. Oh, turkey and stuffing, how I love you!
– Prepping for Christmas. I love all the Christmas cheer and coziness that ensues right after Thanksgiving!
My first month in my 30’s is already sure to be a good one. What things this month make you wanna dance?

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