a little love cake

February 24, 2010

This song inspired some baking. Thank you Piccolina Designs for sharing it.
Yestermorning, with the song happily playing on repeat, we set off to make our own love cakes in the form of blueberry muffins. I used Martha’s recipe, but cut the amount of butter and sugar in half and substituted regular flour with whole wheat flour. It isn’t as scrumptious as regular blueberry muffins, but I feel a whole lot better putting these love cakes into my body! Plus, my little girls were quite content with these love cakes.
a little love cakewhole wheat blueberry muffinswhole wheat blueberry muffinseating love cake
I am ready to put the song on again and whip up something else. Betcha the song is going to put you in a baking mood too!
p.s. Sophie, would you please come play in Los Angeles sometime?

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