February 25, 2010

Me and my little sisters.
three sisters
We love. We fight. We shop. We talk. And sometimes we even treat each other to a little something something…
Thanks to my middle sister, baby sister and I got a new toy, Mr. Fuji Instax Mini. Even my sisters love instant photography!
new toy
I love how now that we are getting older, my sisters and I are getting closer. They even have blogs too… one is a dinosaur called Reinnasaurus, and the other an elephant called Richellephant.
Here is a cute little sister story… When Rein was starting to get older, I would have my sisters come in my room and we would lock the door, blast some No Doubt and dance. I was trying to teach my sisters how to dance (not that I was the greatest), but my littlest sister, RJ, was too shy to dance in front of me and Rein. We would try and try to get her to dance with us, but she would refuse repeatedly. Fast forward to now, guess who is a dance major in college and wants to be a professional dancer? That’s right the littlest sister, RJ. Guess me and Rein inspired her (*wink*)!
I hope these three sisters will love, fight, shop, talk, treat each other to a little something something, and even teach each other how to dance.
three sisters
I must say, sisters are the best. Well, so are brothers, but we have only one and we love him just as much! Not sure if my girls will ever have a brother as I think Ben and I can only make girls.

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