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February 26, 2010

I am working slowly to put things back in the shop. This little, or should I say big, dollhouse will probably be in the shop sometime Monday morning along with a few other things, though there will only be one dollhouse.
dollhouse pillow
The windows are pockets to hide fun little treasures and little dolls, and the house is about 30” tall. Here is a bit of proof of its size. It is almost as tall as True!
its kinda big
These dollhouses are fun to make, but do take a bit of work. I honestly get intimidated every time I make one. True keeps asking me for one like Brave’s, but I have a different type of dollhouse I want to make her and this one will take a whole lot more time and planning. Maybe it will be a gift for her fourth birthday coming in April. Let’s see if I get the courage to make it…
What are your plans for the weekend? We have a few in mind, but it depends a bit on Ben’s work and the rain that is supposed to be here all day on Saturday, but don’t forget to check back as I will have something good for you here tomorrow.
Happy Friday!

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