yet, another

October 10, 2008

Though this is not for a giveaway, but may be going to a special home…
Made with another vintage tablecloth, thought not with embroidery, but with crocheted trim. It is equally as lovely as the others I have made and it will be equally as difficult for me to part ways with it. I really just love these bags.

And guess what?!! So I am officially crossing the Twilight series off my birthday list because thanks to a most wonderful Bethany, it is already en route to my house! I love this early birthday present! Eek!!! So excited. Now, if I disappear from blogging for a few days, that means I will be with Bella and Edward. 
There are also a few giveaways going on that include Cakies:
You many be able to win a crown or in the case of Craftsbury Kids, a whole load of goodies.
Just in case, I don’t pop in here again today… Happy weekend!!!

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