a garden party

March 17, 2010

On Saturday, we (all the bridesmaids) threw Linda a bridal shower in her mom’s glorious garden. We didn’t have to do much as the garden was already so beautiful and colorful, but I lugged some of my vintage cafe chairs, made some flower garland, and made Ben cut off some flowering branches from our tree and we were ready for a party!
garden party bridal shower
The lovely bride-to-be said, “It feels like my birthday!”
the bride to be
Remember this? Well, True, Brave and I ended up making a pinata for the occasion, inspired by this one. Though, we made ours with pages of a vintage book and I wrote “Linda loves John” on some of the pages. It was a perfect little game for the bride who requested we don’t play any of the traditional games, there was no toilet paper wedding dress for this gal!
the vintage book pinata
For the favors, I made some red velvet cupcakes in a jar and styled it just like this. I had so much fun calligraphing the top of the jars as I haven’t used my very newbie calligraphy skills since high school when I took a calligraphy class. I want another occasion to make more cupcakes in a jar, it was so much fun! I am nerdy like that and like to do these kinds of things.
red velvet cupcake in a jarred velvet cupcakes in a jar
There was so much yummy food and we all happily indulged, maybe a bit too much.
our garden partygarden party
After which, we played the “underwear game.” To play the game, each guests were to bring a underwear/lingerie gift that matched their personality and then Linda (the bride) had to guess who each underwear/lingerie gift was from. She did pretty well, but she did have 18 wrong guesses.
underwear game ready
Thus, her punishment for each wrong guess was one spin and Linda was spun a total of 18 times right before she was to hit the pinata. The pinata was funny as it didn’t want to break, and I thought that I didn’t put enough layers, guess I was wrong!
the vintage book pinatadarn thing wouldn't break
Adults are so much friendlier after a broken pinata. When kids go after all the goodies, there is not even one left on the ground, when adults go after the goodies, everyone is too nice to be greedy that there were still some candy left.
adults are so nice when it comes to a pinata
It was really such a perfect day and it was such a team effort to pull off the whole party. All the bridesmaids really did such a wonderful job! I guess we all love Linda lots!!!
Of course, occasions like this are fun because you get reunited with friends again and we might be all together again for the flea market this Sunday.
the coco chanel girls (minus one)
Want to see more of the shower or other accounts of it? Check Danni’s, Helen’s or Jenny’s blog. That’s what happens when bloggers come to a party!
One more month until the wedding and I (and Linda) still have lots to do!

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