September 13, 2018

Where did time go?!! This girl has grown in leaps and bounds this year in maturity, but she’ll forever be my baby kid! Her heart has grown so much in compassion and love for others, especially babies. She never really cared for babies before, and didn’t like when I held babies, but she loves them all so much now. I see that natural nurturer in her coming out, but I guess I’m not surprised because she has 3 older sisters that take real good care of her.

She’s my cuddle buddy. Loves to sleep. She deals with her problems by sleeping. Green is her favorite color. She will always have something green on. Hates reading, but loves math. Yoda is her favorite character. Doesn’t like dresses (though I hope she likes the birthday dress I made her). Loves to draw. Wants to be near all the babies. She’ll say I’m her best friend, but if Ben is around, she’ll make sure to say it’s the both of us. Doesn’t like the movie Coco. Wants to be a zookeeper. Loves short hair and is debating if she wants bangs. She’s our quirky kid and does and says random things, which she thinks makes her the funniest sister.

We love you, Glow! I know year 7 has some big things coming up for you and I can’t wait to see how God continues to grow that big heart of yours!  

Anyone been following since her birth or before? I’m sure you’re in shock she’s 7 too! Tell time to slowwww dowwwwn pleaseeee. Go down memory lane and read how I hypnobirthed her out into this world here.

6 comments on “MY BABY KID IS 7!”

  • Sosi says:

    Ive been following since before her birth! Crazy!

  • Charissa Pomrehn says:

    Been following since you just had True and Brave! What a treasure chest of memories your blog will be for the girls once they’re grown!

  • Anne says:

    Happy 7th b-day Glow! I’ve been following you ever since you and Selle had your babies around the same time.

    Glow and Gehrig were born the same year and they are sooo similar. Gehrig loves green, also has no desire for his brothers long-ish hair and just likes it short short short, and also always says and does random quirky things. Jason and I often laugh and at G’s antics and look at each other and go “so weird” but in the most endearing cute way you can say it. I also happened to have Gehrig naturally (definitely not by choice or via hypnobirth, it was involuntary and he practically flew out of me).

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve been following since you only had True and Brave. On the one hand, it’s hard to believe your youngest is seven. On the other, it seems like so long ago, mostly because I have an almost 7 year old and it seems like so long ago since I had her. I remember reading your blogs about your sessions with your hypnobirthing coach.

  • marine says:

    Yep, been following you since exactly that time! I just had my first and you were about to pop your 4th! You made such an impression on me. Now I have three, and only boys! Always a great pleasure to return to your page and discover your adventures!

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