camp home: accordion-fold paper flowers

accordion-fold paper flowers accordion-fold paper flowers Accordion-Fold Paper Flowers

Colored paper (card stock would work too)
Clear tape
12″ Wooden skewers

Cut your sheet of paper lengthwise into two separate strips. It doesn’t matter if the width of the strips are equal or not, the smaller the width of the strip, the smaller the flower. Start at one end of the strip and accordion fold the entire length of the sheet. If you get to the end and have excess, just trim it off. Fold the accordion folded strip in half, wrap a 8-10″ piece of yarn around the center and knot to secure. Open up the folds so that the ends can be taped (or glued) together to form the circle. Tape the two edges together at the back (I used masking tape so you could clearly see where I taped it, but clear tape would work best. If you’re using colored construction paper (we used card stock), glueing the open ends together to form the circle would work as well. Insert the pointed end of the skewer into the center fold at the back of the flower, use a dab of glue to set the wooden stem in place. Cut out your leaves and glue onto the the wooden stem. Repeat for the remaining strip of paper, and make many more! Play with the different width of the strips, and you can also make some strips with wider accordion folds, and others with narrower ones.

accordion-fold paper flowers accordion-fold paper flowers accordion-fold paper flowers You can get even fancier with accordion paper flowers, but this way is quite simple and my girls had fun making it! After a two week break from projects, they are glad to be doing projects again.




5 Responses to “camp home: accordion-fold paper flowers”

  1. Love it. So colourful and fun. I can imagine my little ones would love making a little garden with those kinds of flowers as well during these summer vacation (especially on rainy days like the one we are having now! :) )

  2. Remi says:

    Such a lovely idea xxxx

    You are welcome to check out my blog —
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  3. Alexia says:

    Definitely trying this for my blog. Such a cute idea!


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