christmas tree decorating tips

tree stuff I’m definitely not a pro when it comes to putting together a fancy Christmas tree. I go for the sweet and simple when it comes to tree decorating, but I wanted to share some tips I remember my mom teaching me when we decorated the Christmas tree growing up…

-Spread out all the branches. We never had a real tree growing up, just my parents’ preference, so we had to take time to spread out all the wire-y branches.
-Don’t just put ornaments hanging from the edge of the branches, but put them in closer to the trunk too. You want to give use your ornaments to give your tree some depth.
-Check the tree from all angles. Everything might look fine and dandy from one side, but you look from another angle, and there’s a spot (or two) that need some ornaments. Make sure to spread them out!

tree stuff tree stuff tree stuff tree stuff tree stuff Besides the wooden ornaments from Michaels (we purchasedĀ these straw ones from eBay), I also created some additional ones with the wooden balls. I bought some tiny eye screws, drilled a tiny hole in each wooden ball (okay, had Ben drill holes!), then screwed in the eye-screw (okay, Ben did that too!). The girls added some string (they really did that!) and we hung them up!

When I was little, I would be gung-ho about decorating the tree as soon as my parents brought it out. Then, my drive would fizzle out at some point, and I would sit there and watch my mom finish it. She always took special care to make the tree just perfect for all of us. I love the festive feeling my mom (and dad) created in our home growing up, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to do that for my girls now.

If you want more tree inspiration, stop by The Glue String to see all 30 of the Michaels Makers’ trees. Some of them are pretty awesome. Like I said in this post, I would totally lose in a tree decorating contest.

Supplies for this project are provided by Michaels as part of theĀ Michaels Makers series. No additional compensation was provided.

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5 Responses to “christmas tree decorating tips”

  1. Oh,I think your tree is beautiful! I’ve always loved simple trees, too, but I’m definitely not a good decorator, haha! I love the tips you pointed out. Especially putting ornaments closer in to the trunk; that makes a big difference! I can’t wait to get a tree and decorate it this year!

  2. nikki says:

    soo pretty! we are putting ours up the day after thanksgiving :)

    xx nikki

  3. Niamh says:

    I am completely in love with your christmas tree. I have been hanging onto some giant wooden beads for waaay to long and I might just have found the perfect way to use them. Thanks for the decorating tips too!
    Niamh Osborne

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