yup, it’s a christmas tree post already

November 1, 2014

christmas treechristmas treechristmas treechristmas treechristmas treechristmas treechristmas treeI know. You probably still have that Halloween hangover, and I’m on to Christmas already. It seems I even skipped over Thanksgiving. Trust me, this doesn’t feel natural. This is part of the Michaels Makers Series though and today is the day we are all sharing our Christmas tree with you.

Growing up, my mom went all out for the holidays. I remember one year, I went with her to the day after Christmas sale at Bullocks (anyone remember that department store?!), and was helping her buy all the gold ornaments we could find. She bought lots of ornaments that day, but every year after that our Christmas tree lit up with a lot of sparkling gold. She had a theme and she was sticking with it. Twenty years later, that theme is still going strong every Christmas and her tree always looks like it belongs in a department store.

Here we are today, and I’m a more simple Christmas tree decorator. Usually, we just put up felt ball garland on the tree and that’s that. Though with Michaels Dream Tree Challenge, I had to work to get beyond the felt ball garland. I pinned some images, and this one was by far my favorite. Another simple tree, but I loved it so much. The girls and I set out to Michael’s to see what we could find to recreate it, and to my surprise, there were lots of wooden ornaments. I’m sure they are meant to be painted, but we aren’t doing any of that. We scooped up the ones we liked, as well as some wooden beads, and large wooden balls. We don’t have a star on top because I haven’t figured out one for that just yet.

So it’s November 1st, the turkey hasn’t even been bought yet, but we have a Christmas tree up in our home. I’m sure our neighbors noticed the twinkle lights in the front window when the girls and I are decorating it, and they probably think we’re crazy. Heck, I think it’s kind of crazy too, but my aunt and uncle get their Christmas tree up October 1st, and they have like 5 Christmas trees up in their home (each decorated to the nines), so I’m late if I’m going by their standards.

Don’t forget to stop by Michaels blog, The Glue String, to see all the trees that were out on November 1st by other Michaels Makers. If you’re in need of a tree, head into Michaels from November 2 through November 8 for the Make It Merry Event and get 50% off all trees 6ft. or taller. Then, you can join me in getting strange looks from your neighbors for having yours up so early too! We do have one neighbor who has had an artificial Christmas tree sitting on his front balcony for about 5 years straight now, so maybe we aren’t so strange after all. Happy November first friends!

Supplies for this project are provided by Michaels as part of the Michaels Makers series. No additional compensation was provided.

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12 comments on “yup, it’s a christmas tree post already”

  • Kayleigh says:

    Oh my goodness I’m in love with the idea of a crochet tree skirt. I have vintage curtains that have been folded up in my closet for years! It’s time to give them new life! Thanks for the post!

    Fiber Sketchbook Blog

    • Rubyellen says:

      I’ve always wanted to make a felted one with some hand sewn felt flowers, but now that I’ve used the skirt, I love the texture it adds, so I think I’m glad I went with this instead.

  • Jamie says:

    Hey, whatever pays the bills right? Bloggers will do anything for a sponsored post, even if it is being forced to put up a tree early (which you made painfully clear that you didn’t want to yet). I sort of feel bad for Michaels, that entire post made it seem like they were forcing you to do it now.

    • Rubyellen says:

      I didn’t realize my post sounded negative, but you’re right, I guess it does sound that way a bit. I probably should have mentioned my girls were ecstatic that we were putting out a Christmas tree early and they were able to decorate it, and they love turning the lights on every night. While it does feel weird to have it out so early, they love it, so I’m okay with it. Also, surprisingly, I find decorating Christmas trees hard. I checked out all the other Michaels Makers’ trees and theirs are gorgeous decked out from head to toe, but I just gravitate to simple tree decor. If there were a tree decorating contest, I would for sure lose.

      To be clear, Michaels gives Michaels Makers a gift certificate for the project supplies each month, but there isn’t any additional monetary payment past that. I guess it’s kind of sponsored kind of not, but a gift certificate to Michaels to buy ornaments hardly pays the bills. Thank you for your comment as I never knew how to designate these Michaels Makers challenges, since it’s kind of sponsored in the means of supplies for the project, but I realize I need to.

  • Vénusia says:

    Your Christmas tree is my favorite ! I totally like simple Chrismtas/natural ornaments. I also really like the Christmas tree from MStewart. My daughter and me actually crafted Christmas ornaments base on this same picture I saw on a Living magazine this weekend. In french we say “les grands esprits se rencontrent” (the great thinkers meet), happy to be inspired by the same things than you !

  • Meg says:

    I love the wooden ornaments — had to pin it. I am right there with you about decorating, too. I will be coercing the boyfriend into it any day now. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Hannah says:

    Yours is not the first blogger I’ve seen putting up her Christmas tree early, and I’ve gotta say — I LOVE IT!!! I think I’ll follow suit in the next few weeks 🙂 I don’t know why people can get so negative when it comes to putting up X-mas decorations early. It’s my very favorite time of year and I can’t wait for it to start. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • julie :) says:

    I love your creativity and often create Christmas decorations in the summer. :^) Your reply to the critical comment above was so incredibly humble and sweet. Thank you for showing your grace filled example. xx

  • Vicky T. says:

    Of course I remember Bullock’s department store!!!!!! I loooooved it as a kid and miss it dearly today, together with The Broadway…. And I hadn’t heard anybody mention that name in YEARS!!!! So happy you brought it up!!!!!!

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