September 30, 2007

I was able to cross off more things off my to-do list…I am finally done making clips!!! Also, I was able to do some sewing. I haven’t touched my machine in a week or maybe even two!!! I made True her first tweed coat topped off with a vintage button (or maybe it is more like a short-sleeved jacket)…

Thanks dear friend for the lovely idea!!! There are a few more similar styles I want to make her, maybe one with longer sleeves…I want to make Brave one too, but not sure what size to make because she is growing so, so fast!!!

It looks like True liked her coat…She liked it so much she decided to throw a party with the corn. It was everywhere!!!

This evening really tried mine and Ben’s patience because Brave was crying so much and wouldn’t stop. Though, I would rather have her cry in the evening rather than in the middle of the night…Praise God!!! She eventually stopped right after we put True to bed. She really just wanted to be held…I love her!!!

Thank the Lord for more memories…

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