I love surprises…

February 15, 2008

Well, I love receiving them and making them…
This was my mess before my little Valentine’s Day surprise for Papa Cakies (Benny)…
And this was the culmination of all his little surprises… little notes found here and there and delivered by both my BabyCakies.
Of course, to honor the sweet day, BabyCakies 1 (True) and I did some baking. Thanks to Martha Stewart and Sprinkles Cupcakery Owner Candace Nelson. They aren’t as pretty as the real deal, but they taste pretty darn close… So yummy!!!

There are still many cupcakes left over and you bet I will enjoy and devour every single one…
And I also loved the sweet poem PapaCakies made me. I love him to death!!! To see more of our sweet, fun filled Valentine’s visit I love Benny.
Happy Friday Everyone!!! 

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