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March 24, 2008

Calls for a mid-day post…
Sheer Whimsy are the oh so lovely creations that are completely endearing and original by my dear friend Helen!

I am so happy to see her offer her completely original (so watch out for the copyright), enchanting lovely creations to house your ipod, cellphone, camera, EVEN a paci-pod!!!

They are all absolutely fantastic that I want them all! Now, I know Benny wouldn’t be happy if I got them all… and plus I would deny the world of owning their own Sheer Whimsy creation and I wouldn’t want that to happen!

So go and rush to her little deliciously beautiful shop… then have a peek at the behind the scenes and craftiness of the Sheer Whimsy creator and visit the Sheer Whimsy Blog
Sheer Whimsy makes me feel absolutely giddy!

***pictures courtesy of Sheer Whimsy.

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