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April 14, 2008

A little pattern request by Leslie not that this a genius idea and plus Leslie is quite a competent seamstress that I am sure she could have done this without me… Have you seen her fabulous white jacket?!!

1- 2 fat quarters (but is more than enough fabric) of different fabrics (1 for lining and 1 for outer fabric)
1- Stiff interfacing that matches
Elastic cord

I like to use .25 inch seam allowance.

1. Cut out your interfacing fabric (1 of each piece below, you can see the measurements I use, but anything you like will work). I like to use rounded edges on my clutch!
2. Then place your cut out interfacing on top of the lining fabric, pin, and cut out (2 pieces should result).
3. Next, place interfacing on top of outer fabric, pin, and cut out (2 pieces should result of the outer fabric).
4. Sew right sides together for the outer fabric.
4. For lining… place interfacing, then lining right side face up, the lining fabric wrong side face up, then coordinating piece of interfacing and sew it together.
4. Turn and iron fabric.
5. Place your lining inside your outer fabric.
6. Pin elastic cord centered at the top of the flap (I always forget to do this!).
7. Stitch around the perimeter, but leave an opening so that you can turn it inside out.
8. Turn inside out and iron again.
9. Edge stitch around the edge so that the opening will be closed and iron again (Okay, I don’t really iron all that often, but it does help keep it nice and neat!)
10. Sew button onto bottom and “Voila!”
So quick and easy… and great for a night out or as a gift!
Sorry if it doesn’t quite make sense, but it really is super easy and quick… and is brainless to figure out! 
So in honor of a Happy Monday I am giving this quick, sweet clutch away… 
Simply, leave a comment on this post and on Friday morning (after a wonderful week of work and plus everyone looks forward to Fridays), I will announce the winner!
Good luck!!!

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