It’s here!

April 3, 2008

The book by one of my favorite bloggers, Amanda Soule of Soulemama is finally here!

It was almost 2 years ago while I was randomly googling for a type of wool stocking that I found her blog. I was in utter awe and amazement at her creativity and I totally related with the things she was writing about. It was through her blog that I was introduced to the blog world and gained a love and appreciation for etsy

She and her family are so inspiring!

And to continue my wonderful addiction to little girls vintage dresses…

I got a new one to add to Brave and True’s collection (Hey! Ben told me if I found some, I could buy it… so I am taking that statement to heart!). He loves vintage clothes just as much as I do!

My Babycakies + My Benny + Vintage Dresses = Bliss (I think Helen understands perfectly)

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