May 16, 2008

So I have been gone from this space for almost a week now…

The reason: My hands hurt when I type…

So sad, so sad, I know, but I have had carpal tunnel now for awhile and with all the things I use my hands for, I decided to give it a break. I had this condition since early college because I used to work at a flower shop and when it was dead, I would sit there at hours upon hours making bow after bow after bow… and well, it became very bad for my hands!! So on occasion, it will act up, I should really wear my brace when I work.

But I am back, until a few weeks, when I decide to go on another blog-vacation just to be normal again just for a few weeks, but I promise I will be back.

I wanted to share a few new loves this week from none other but my favorite store, Anthroplogie

A new tea cup from my lovely mother…

And a cake stand from my lovely friend Jane…
Gosh… I really love this store!

Now have a lovely Friday everyone and I am going to a wedding this afternoon, which will be lots of fun, and a wedding that everyone has been waiting for… I am so excited for my friends!

Happy weekend!

5 comments on “Gone…”

  • Emmy says:

    awww! u have such a cute blog!!!!! omggoooodddness! CUTE!

  • Kellie says:

    I am sorry about your hands….very precious to you {for so many reasons} =)
    What a fabulous mother’s day you had!!! I just can’t get over how cutet your family is!!!!

    Hope you enjoy the wedding!

  • livi says:

    …it´s always a big, big plesure to enter in your blog full of love…thanks!!!:o) livi!!!

  • I made a dress on my blog that really reminds me of this cup. My mother and my daughter have an afternoon tea ritual when she comes over. So cute. There’s something all too charming about teacups.

  • I hope you had fun! And I hope your hands are better… you seem too young to have this problem!! I love your new dishes too. Take it easy Ruby… we will miss you too much if you leave again!!!

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