A little shopping…

June 3, 2008

My best friend was shopping for a new bag… she is addicted to bags, the really nice kind! Well, as she was browsing this site in search of a bag, something very familiar on the bottom caught her eye… and she was so excited and in shock to see it was my Cakies crowns!!!

Of course, she emailed me and was “freaking” out about seeing the crowns! I mean how random is that, that she would be shopping and come across a rolling advertisement with my crowns on it, that link to another site. Well, this site Yokiddo, I guess found my crowns and their site is about cool things for babies and kids, but instead of saying my “by Cakies” it says “by Sweet Rosy,” which is the name of the crown. Oh well… maybe I will just email them and correct them. Nevertheless, I was excited to see my crowns on another cool site!

Thanks Lin for doing a little shopping and randomly discovering this!

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