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March 25, 2014

calligraphy with laura hoopercalligraphy with laura hoopercalligraphy with laura hoopercalligraphy with laura hoopercalligraphy with laura hoopercalligraphy with laura hoopercalligraphy with laura hooperI love calligraphy! I took a semester worth of classes eons ago when I was in middle school, and I love to play around with it when an occasion requires, but my calligraphy knowledge is definitely limited. Thus, I am especially excited that this Sunday I will get to hone my (barely there) skills further under the teaching of Laura Hooper as I will be joining in on her beginners’ workshop in Manhattan Beach at the Shade Hotel. I know she has a few slots open, so if you want to join in, you better hurry (I’m in the 10am class, but there’s also an afternoon class if you can’t make the morning one). I don’t know anyone else who’s going to be part of it, so it would be fun to do it with a friend (dear readers, I definitely consider you friends!).  If you aren’t local and want to learn calligraphy, don’t you fear, Laura teaches all over the place. If you’re in Brooklyn, Seattle, San Francisco, Georgetown, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, Denver, or Salt Lake City, she’s coming your way, and you can get more info about it here.

Laura’s beginner’s workshop in modern pointed-pen calligraphy will teach you about the tools of calligraphy, basics in brushstrokes and technique, as well as cover a full alphabet. If you are just starting out or are looking for hands-on tips and techniques to improve your beginner’s hand, these workshops are for you!

Each workshop will include:
– 3 hours of instruction with Laura Hooper
– 1 pen holder
– 2 nibs
– 1 pot of black ink
– 1 instructional alphabet w/tracing & practice sheets
– 1 keepsake Laura Hooper Calligraphy tote bag
– light refreshments

Investment: $225 (includes all supplies)
To register, please click here to select your workshop of choice.

Don’t forget to email me if you do sign up! It would definitely be nice to have a friend to do the class with.

*All photos courtesy of Raya Carlisle.

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