that one time we matched

May 20, 2013

that one date when we matchedthat one date when we matchedthat one date when we matchedthat one date when we matchedthat one date when we matchedthat one date when we matchedWe were both getting dressed to go on our date (and my brother’s senior recital later) when noticed we were pretty much wearing the same thing. Ben told me to change and I told him to change, but we both didn’t want to change, so I said, “Whatever.” And then so we matched. I thought it was kinda funny.

Date nights are rare, but thankfully we have a great babysitter and she came to watch the girls, so Friday afternoon (before my brother’s recital) was the perfect time to sneak in a date. We went to Native Foods Cafe, which I had been dying to take Ben to because I had a feeling he would love it. Well, turns out I was right! All the combinations sounded completely interesting to him and he ended up ordering the Moroccan Bowl and I got the Scorpion Burger. He was quite impressed with how loaded his dish was with veggies. I was totally impressed with the buffalo wings, which were the best tasting wings I ever had, even if it wasn’t even really made out of chicken. I’m getting hungry just thinking about how yummy it all was. We both agreed to plan another date night there again soon.

It’s nice to get a meal in without interruption. I think we mostly talked about the food. Ha! Oh and summer. We have vacation plans underway and we are very, very excited. And I’m pretty sure I was giving Ben googly eyes all afternoon. I love that man. I really do.

When was the last time you went on a date night? We go about once every other month. We’d love to go weekly, but it isn’t realistic for us.

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  • Keri-Anne says:

    You two are so cute!
    We try to go out atleast once a month (we too would like to do it weekly but out finances don’t allow it). Sometimes a few months go by until we manage to get out. I am hoping we can go out this week or next week 🙂

  • Megan Lane says:

    that bag!! it’s beautiful! and that food looks and sounds amazing, sounds like a place that i would freak out over. hooray for a date night!

  • Cristina says:

    We go around once or twice a month also! But we end up talking about how much we miss the kids (2 toddlers) and try to rush our date only to get back to the, ya we need to work on that!

  • misha lulu says:

    You guys are so cool!!!!!

  • Jess says:

    geez, i cant even remember the last time we had a date night! probably before xmas….we went out solo and had dinner and stuff before going xmas shopping for our daughter..but we just moved 45minutes away from our babysitter and we dont really know anyone in our little town so i dont see any date nights anytime soon 🙁 hopefully granny will come to visit this summer (before baby number two pops out) and we can get a date in before the chaos begins again! 😀

  • Leah says:

    You both look so cute! Even the sunglasses match!

  • Brenda Meadows says:

    Love that bag! Where did you find it? Yay for date night even after almost 36 years of marriage – I love our date nights!

  • That food looks delicious! And you two are such a lovely couple!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life’s Lemons

  • Meg says:

    love the cute, really. food looks delicious, too. date nights are a treasure. we try to do at least one every month, but sitters are costly, so we’ve tried to get creative when we do have a chance to get out, like take a walk together without any interuptions, or pack a picnic and head to a special place, or have a cup of coffee and a small sweet treat together and head to a bookstore. because, really, it isn’t so much about what we’re doing, it is about who we’re doing it with…or in most of our cases, who we’re doing it without. love the kiddos, but it is great for all of us to get a break from each other now and again!

  • pipelette says:

    Love your blog…which Native foods cafe did you go to…Is that caravan there? thanks x

  • Carley says:

    Love your jeans do you remember where you found them?

  • Jozen says:

    Lucky! I can’t even remember our last date! And I loove your hair!

  • Victoria says:

    aw, i love native foods! the husband and i are working on a “real date” every week, but lately its been more like once or twice a month.


    The food looks absolutely delicious, and you two look absolutely adorable. I’ve been stalking your blog for a little bit now — it’s so fresh and fun! Very different from others 🙂

  • Aileen says:

    I think your matchy-matchy outfits are cute!!!

  • Hey y’all! Here’s a fun little date that I posted on my other blog a while back. It’s a date that you may have to remember for spring or summer…unless you live where it’s warm like us! …………………………………………………… When it came to doing regular date nights, the craziness of Dental School kept us “grounded” for the past little while…. Tonight, it was all about letting our love take flight again.

  • Jade says:

    Hi there, I just love the picture of both of you dressed matching! it happens to us all the time! we are a re-married couple, each brought in his kids (he has 2 and I had 3) so we don’t have any together which makes our life quite … sexy. we are like 2 adults raising our kids together and hanging out as lovers. We try to get our bit everyday… I can’t do without (having an exalted Venus in Fish ;D) am planning to set up my own family blog too ! love it ! see you around on the blog world – will come back to share it with you.

    love from xxx Jade xxx
    Essaouira, Morocco

  • Lita says:

    such sweet couple 🙂

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