the sailorette’s birthday

August 5, 2009

Despite the pictures that you are about to see, the evening didn’t go off without a hitch. It started out quite a stormy sea. Brave didn’t want to get dressed or take any pictures, True was complaining that it was her birthday, I was running around preparing all the food and trying to decorate, and Ben was stressing about something job related for today. Thus, we are not a perfect family and frustrations came. There was crying, throwing in of the towels, a bit of madness, and more crying. It was a rocky start to the evening to say the least, but I guess out at sea, sometimes things are bound to get rocky. It was all part of the theme, right?
With that, here are the only pictures I really got of Brave in her little getup. Like I said, she refused to take any pictures and only wanted lemonade at the start of the evening. It was madness. We were all madness. Nevertheless, we went forward and tried to enjoy the rest of the evening. The full outfit shot will just have to wait.
the sailorette
This is my sailorette getting lemonade for the umpteenth time. We eventually had to put the lemonade inside the house. Out of sight, out of mind. She must have been busy out at sea all day long cause this sailorette was mighty thirsty.
nice tat brave!
On this ship, dinner consisted of some salmon with couscous, grape tomatoes, roasted orange cauliflower all topped with lime and green onions, and all on paper plates because naturally that is what we use on our ship (at least for the night). Dessert consisted of “mini seas” made of blueberry jello and whipped cream. Not sure what sailors really eat (or how), but this is what I imagined.
the menu
the mini seas

The centerpiece of the table was the new pet goldfish that the girls happily named Yogurt. Not sure why, but that is what they chose, so Ben and I just said, “Aye, aye, captains!”
the new friend
Doodling and crafting must also be done at sea, so there was coloring abundance and sailor hat making all at the dinner table.
true's coloring job
the sailorette's sailor hat
the little sailorette
Alas, the moment the little brave sailorette has been waiting for… the birthday song and candles. We did about 3 rounds of lighting candles, singing, and cheering all because she loved this part of her birthday. Naturally, we also had to do a round for True because it was her happy unbirthday!
making a birthday wish
After all the rounds of singing, the sailorette and her big sister had a fine time digging in.
blueberry jello
It was a chaotic, but fun memorable time. I know crazy, frustrating times are hard when you are going through the moment, but when you look back, it is all so silly. I am glad my Brave enjoyed her birthday (see more pictures of the day here). She seem to happily chow down all the food and was content to go inside to get her presents, take a bath, and go to sleep. If she’s happy, that is all I need.
Now, the birthday celebrations will continue as we head off with the sailorette and True on a special outing to Sea World. Ben has been reading them books on sea animals and aquariums, so this will be a real treat.
Bye friends, we are off to sea for the day! Well, at least just to Sea World, so happy Wednesday!!!

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