polaroid tuesday: week thirty-one

August 4, 2009

Today is my little Brave’s 2nd birthday. She is such a big bundle of sugar that you just want to eat up! Her sweetness is really overflowing.

week thirty-one

Happy birthday Bravey! We love you…

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  • mandiegirl says:

    sweet. Happy birthday, Brave!

  • melindakimbo says:

    happy birthday bravery!!!!!

  • grace says:

    Happy birthday Brave!!!
    You truly are a lucky girl!!

  • Wendy says:

    Happy birthday Brave!

    Ruby, I've read your blog for a while but never commented before. But I had to post birthday wishes for your sweet girl, since it turns out we share a birthday! I hope her day is wonderful, God bless!

  • Thalita Dol says:

    Happy Birthday Brave!!!

    Kisses to you from Brazil!

  • So wonderful! Happy Birthday Brave! I know you will celebrate in style with that clever Momma of yours!

  • gabrielle says:

    coming out of lurkdom to say happy birthday to your sweet girl

  • Happiest of days, dear Brave!

  • cindy says:


  • kristineW says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Brave!

  • b. says:

    your children are precious. love your blog! happy birthday to your baby doll!

    i came here to ask a favor….. i thought i would come on here and ask a few creative bloggers that i love and follower for some help….

    im going to vegas this weekend with 4 other girls… one just turned 26 yesterday and the other turns 30 a few days after we get back…

    so, the other 3 of us wanted to do something a little special for them while we're there…. probably just pay for dinner but we're all prob give them a little gift too individually and thats where i need help.

    we are all new friends so we're not super close… just in the stages of getting to know each other.

    i dont want anything over the top or expensive. something just sweet, thoughtful and creative… and i was wondering with all the neat things you come across or just your creativity, if you have any little ideas as a sweet gift for a friends birthday. something small and different, no matter what i mean? one of my friends was going to give them a card with a starbucks gift card inside but i just wanted something a little more special.

    would love to hear your thoughts! would realllly appreciate it!!!

    thank you so much for taking the time to read this. xo.

    {PS anyone else that takes the time to read this and has something in mind, please share your ideas with me}! thank you!

  • joanita says:

    too cute, happy birthday little brave!

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