the five of us (kinda)

February 18, 2011

Pretty much the minute we found out we were expecting, I called Christian and said we needed to take family pictures very soon. This is my fourth pregnancy and from my previous two pregnancies, I know my baby belly pops out the moment that test turns positive (my uterus has already been stretched out a lot). I wanted pretty pictures to mark this sweet season when we were just five (though I am actually 6 weeks pregnant in these pictures).
family picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily pictures
family pictures
family picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily picturesfamily pictures
We loved all the pictures and I think Christian captured this season so perfectly! Can see tons more here.
I am heading into my tenth week of pregnancy, feeling as crappy as ever, but God is still oh so good! We are overjoyed by this blessing, though my initial feeling did include shock at the idea of having 4 kids, 5 years old and under. Can you believe it?!
I still have a couple more weeks until I am out of the first trimester and I hope that this vomiting, tiredness, nasty taste in my mouth, and constantly nauseous self will leave as soon as the second trimester hits! Hoping and praying. My house is a mess (as you have seen) and I lie in bed almost all day while the girls play around me. I hate being around food cause most of it stinks and I have made Ben do runs for barbeque ribs, in-n-out, wings, chinese food, strawberry ice cream, kfc, pollo loco, and whole lot of other things that I normally wouldn’t eat. I miss being normal, but I am very glad for the baby cooking inside me!
This is for sure our last. We have no aspirations to go for a fifth (4 is it and we will make sure no more oopsies happen!). Emotionally, mentally, and physically four is all we can handle. I am going to enjoy this pregnancy (once it gets fun) as much as I can. I can’t wait to officially look pregnant (the belly has no doubt popped) and not just look like I ate a lot of dinner. I can’t wait to feel the baby. I can’t wait to find out the gender. Most especially, I can’t wait to have a name.
To keep things interesting this time around, only Ben and I will find out the gender, but we won’t be telling until the baby is born! It will no doubt be a hard secret to keep. I know most think we automatically want that boy, but honestly we have no strong desire one way or the other. Ben was never one of those “I need my boy kinda guys” and actually the idea of a boy makes us nervous because it is uncharted territory. On the other hand, having a little boy that looked just like Ben would be quite dreamy. Ben was a really cute kid!!! Boy or girl, we are just excited at this new blessing!
Thanks for going along this journey with us. We are blessed by all of you and your very warm welcome at this new season of change we are going through. We know right now it will be a whole lot of crazy raising 4 kids so close in age. Their teenage years will look like this… 13, 15, 17, & 18 year old. Oh boy! It will be chaos no doubt, but it will be a whole lot of fun too! We will definitely need extra grace, extra strength, and extra patience, extra a lot of stuff, but good thing I have a God that freely supplies all of that!
and cause some of you have asked…
on ben: shirt, american apparel. bow tie, forage. jeans, diesel. shoes, kenneth cole. belt, vintage.
on me: dress, vintage from here. shoes, vintage. belt, thrifted. hair, my sister did it.
on true: dress, vintage. shoes, siaomimi via gilt. bow, my trim stash.
on brave: dress, vintage. shoes, vintage.
on soul: dress, vintage. shoes, vintage. hair clip, cakies.
props: umbrellas, vintage. cameras, vintage.
* all pictures taken by christian cruz (having a photographer dating my sister is kinda nice). he can take your picture too, he did danni’s. her wedding is finally being shared on her blog and design*sponge.

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  • HazelWea says:

    You guys are seriously the cutest family ever. You inspire me. Thank you so much. And congratulations, again! God is so good!

  • I am so happy for you guys! and these pictures are beautiful. they totally convey the love and joy that abounds in your family.

  • Those pictures are wonderful! You definately made your pictures something your kids can look back on and be glad they had cool parents. My baby pictures were all filled crazy 80's style clothing my mom put on me because she found it hard to let go of that time period. lol!

  • so all of them were oopsies? hahaa. You guys are adorable and such full of God's blessing it makes me smile a lot!! I really want to hear you and Ben's love story…when you feel better of course!

  • Your pictures are wonderful! Congrats to your sweet little family!

  • Muffy says:

    How exciting! These pictures are FAB! I love the umbrellas & your dress.

  • p.s. love Ben's bow tie

  • amy D says:

    EEK! the pictures are fabulous! congrats ruby and ben….this is so exciting!! 🙂 🙂

  • Ms.Tips says:

    Congratulations!! I am so excited for you guys! Love those beautiful photos. AND can't wait to see your bigger baby bump:)

  • Nani says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful I love the colors and the use of umbrellas!! Also congrats and the new little one!

  • Morgan says:

    What gorgeous pictures! You guys are such a beautiful family. And, I LOVE your dress. Will you share more info about it with us? 🙂

    I have four kids and my oldest was 5 and half when my baby was born. It was crazy, but honestly, it wasn't that much more crazy than 3 little ones. The transition from 3 to 4 was pretty smooth and easy and I pray the same is true for you!

  • Cheers! a colorful collective.

  • i remember that feeling all too well (i'm in my 16th week)! hope you start to feel better soon. your family is beautiful!!

  • Rubyellen says:

    for those who asked about articles of clothing for the shoot, i just added where it came from on the post!

  • kylee says:

    those photos are amazing.
    your dress is gorgeous.
    your kiddos are adorable.
    you are beautiful.
    congrats on the baby!

  • You have such a cute family!! 🙂

  • gorgeous!!! congrats ruby!!

  • Britney says:

    lovely looovely pictures!!

  • makel(los) says:

    wow wow wow WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE these pictures sooo much!!

    so lovely a so creative!

    you all look GREAT!

    be blessed, mareike from germany

  • Sarah says:

    The family pictures are perfect! So sweet. You look amazing. And yes, God gives you what you can handle and He will help you through the ups & downs! Such a cute family you have…

  • RachelDenbow says:

    These are beautiful!! I love that dress you're wearing and I think it's such a good idea to have family pics taken before the belly shows up in photos! Plenty of time for those in the next few months, huh!

  • Tang says:

    Love these and Christian's work!

  • I totally missed the post where you said you were expecting! Congrats to you and your Ben!
    Love the pics,

    Sarah M

  • janis says:

    these photos are just marvelous! you are such a beautiful family. and congratulations on the pregnancy! i somehow missed the post where you announced it. yay! God bless you all! xoxo

  • kathryn says:

    Congratulations! I'm also pregnant with #4 (our kidlets are 5,4 and 2) and we are nervous but excited (it was an oopsie for us, too!) I love the pictures! Your family is lovely.

  • Michele says:

    Wooooooow! I'm so happy for you guys! I remember one of your posts from back when, when you were contemplating a 4th baby? I said GO FOR IT. How exciting that it is happening! You and Ben make such BEAUTIFUL babies. Like I tell my Aunt and her husband…they should never stop because their babies are so gorgeous! I know eventually there is an end though. 4 is a great number and I know True, Brave, Soul, and the new one on the way will appreciate your gifts to them – their siblings. I know that I can't thank my parents enough for my 5 sisters. I'm sure you feel the same about your siblings. Also, Christian Cruz is an AMAZING photographer! No joke…when I get married, I'm calling/contacting him! 🙂 Sorry so long…just super excited for you guys!

  • Chaucee says:

    These pictures are totally charming. I love how you did the girls hair! So beautiful. I hope you start feeling better soon and congrats again!

  • Ashley says:

    These are such precious family photos! Oh and congratulations!

  • As you know, God has a plan and it will be just right for your family! My best friend has five, not all quite as close together, but they make it work and they are both artists. I fully agree with the girl vs. boy thing… I was always happy to just have a healthy child! If it helps, when you are sick like that, it just means the hormones, etc. are working like they should… I didn't have any morning sickness when I miscarried so for the next two, I thought of that first trimester sickness as God's way of telling me it was going to happen! I hope you are able to get through it okay. I love having children close in age. I know you do too. Hey, you handled a whole class of second graders!! Your photos are just fabulous and will be loved forever by the girls! If you need anything, please ask me!!!!!! hugs!

  • Misha Lulu says:

    gorgeous photos!

  • Deborah says:

    Oh my goodness Ruby! Congratulations! Children are such a blessing, cannot wait to see how your little family grows together.

  • Tamara says:

    i love them all….all are prefect!

  • Khanh says:

    love love love..

  • i LOVE these pictures! so pretty and your family is so beautiful! definitely a blessing!

  • ladaisi says:

    This is a beautiful photo shoot.

    Your family is wonderful.

    Ladaisi Blog

  • merideth says:

    oh. my. goodness. such cute photos. and congrats on baby #4. i get the same way when i am prego.. it is hard. i hope you get to that good stage soon.

  • Anki says:

    Great photo's and congratulations!

  • Stephanie says:

    i can sympathize. i am just going into my 11th week of pregnancy and although i only have two little ones playing around me, the laying in bed thing is the same here. i'm just starting to feel better, and i hope you do too!
    your family pictures are sweet.

  • Grace says:

    Seriously, I am 10 weeks this wednesday. And gosh we are both going to need extra everything to raise 4 Godly children. Here's to yours! Hope you feel better soon!

  • Mia Helen says:

    I am in LOVE with your family shoot! It's SOOOO beautiful! Your kids are going to be spaced out just like my siblings and I! Sooo fun!

  • Rach says:

    Congratulations!! I am so excited for you guys. I love how God plans things into our lives that we aren't expecting- I think it really forces us to trust Him more. SOOOOOO happy for you guys! Your family is beautiful!

  • *amanda* says:

    *woot*woot* baby in the belly, yeah! 😉
    (that was my cheer for you!)

  • Love the picture. Thanks for sharing!

  • Katyha says:

    gorgeous photos of the family. I hope the early feelings of pregnancy end soon and that you will soon be full of energy. 4 is a lot but just like you handled one, then two and then three you will be able to handle four. I had four but mine were opposite – three boys then a little girl so I hope you get to experience a precious boy in your gorgeous family, they are truly precious! lots of love to you from Australia.

    Katyha xx

  • lovelymissme says:

    congratulations on baby #4! your family makes me laugh practically everyday – thank you for the gift you give us all in sharing your struggles and triumphs and love!
    and, man, do i love christian cruz's work! if i'm EVER in california…

  • Hannah says:

    WOW! That just brightened up my blog strolling! Congratulations…so exciting! =)

  • Jenny says:

    i'm sure you have some great names in the wings but i've always loved your girls names (i have to admit they were a bit shocking to me at first…but they're beautiful!) and so my mind has been thinking of some suggestions.

    justice for a boy
    love for a girl

    there you go!

  • Rozen says:


    You guys are such a cute family! the more the merrier 🙂

    God is amazing in His grace and provisions!

  • ashley says:

    soo exciting!! you all are so amazingly cute. congratulations on your oopsy. 🙂

  • Three.20 says:

    omygosh! Im so excited for you guys! I can't wait to see what amazing name you'll pick! Congrats! And those pics are amazing!

  • Tanya M says:

    Wow, if I was pregnant and feeling sick, I don't think I could get a last-minute photo shoot together if it killed me. You are an inspiration. I have no clue how you can handle 4 kids under 5, God bless you! And a bunch of people have really close kids in your comments too–wow, I'm in awe. You must be so excited, and I'm excited for you!

  • Kristen says:

    Yay! Congrats! Now you'll have another bebe to pass along that precious little cowichan sweater to! Can't wait to see the belly!

  • kakikopi says:

    am always, always inspired by your posts 🙂
    the photos are lovely! congratulations on the fourth, may God be your strength, He is amazing and his grace shows in your family 🙂

  • Stacy says:

    what happy news and lovely pictures! your family is beautiful, can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy 🙂

  • Arianne says:

    Congrats! I'm in my 10th week as well, with my 4th! I have three boys 🙂 Feeling awful and now wishing we had beautiful shots of us before the belly popped because YES has definitely happened! Here's to us both feeling great in a few weeks!


  • Stacy says:

    Just wanted to says congrats on the new bundle of joy on the way. I have 3 little ones under the age of 4 and completely understand, lol! It's hard work, but oh-so-worth it! Good luck to you and ur beautiful family, and thanks for letting us share these moments!

  • I love these!! What an adorable family you have!! The last pic is my fave!!

  • brianna kim says:

    Congrats! your family is s beautiful and you and ben as parents are truly inspirational!
    These photos are just amazing!
    Ps. i really love the top knot true has been sporting as of late 🙂

  • cherry says:

    congratulations!! so so happy for you and your family. 🙂

  • Rosalind says:

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Crazy lady 🙂 in the nicest possible way. God's blessings for a sweet baking x

  • Sini says:

    Congratulations! Sounds so amazing, 4 kids 🙂 I really love these pictures! I hope the sick feeling will pass soon and you can enjoy of the pregnancy.

  • YAY!! I had the hint of a bump news coming up a few posts back and I am so excited it was true!! yay for families of 6 🙂

  • Nova Sylvana says:

    congratulations ruby! 🙂

  • kim says:

    You are the cutest! I love your dress! Congratulations to you and Ben and the girls.

  • Jenn Kirk says:

    Beautiful pictures! And congratulations to you and your family! xo

  • Renee says:

    Awww!I am so happy for you guys!Congratulations!Boy do you keep us filled with excitement on your blog!There's always something going on.It seems like yesterday I was waiting for you to post little Soul's picture and now you're having another!Your kids are going to have so much fun growing up with each other so close in age.My girls are now 12,14 & 16 & if you raise them good it's not that bad…really! 😉 I can't wait to see what crafts you work on for the baby & of course the baby's name!How exciting!

    Now I can understand the mess you have…you will need all the rest you can get some energy just to do basic things.if I could,I would go over to your house and as a gift,clean and organize everything for you so you would have less to stress over!I bet your girls must be so excited about a new baby in the house.You are going to be soo tired for quite a while after the baby is born,but it will be so worth it as they grow older & when they become adults and have kids and go over for dinners,etc.I only have 3 kids but would love a big family…I hear they really are fun to have!Ok,enough of my novel now.I hope you have a safe pregnancy and get some rest!We all love ya Ruby!

  • Cara says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, such GORGEOUS photographs. wow. WOW. perfectly photogenic family.

    ps CONGRATS!

  • chelsey says:

    woohoo! congratulations! such a cute video to tell everyone you are pregnant, and such beautiful photos in this post!

  • melinda ann says:

    Congratulations! You guys are such an adorable family. I am secretly hoping for another girl for you guys. I'm the oldest of four girls, and it was and is still so much fun. Of course a boy would be really fun too.

  • says:

    congrats congrats on #4! if anyone can handle 4 crazy kiddos, it's you. 🙂 love your family pictures so much. they're all absolutely darling!

    and your video is the BEST!

  • Yay Im so excited for you all! I follow your blog and I absolutely love your family structure. I even started a family sketch pad because of you guys. Please follow one or any of the blogs I write. I know you will find them interesting. Peace and blessings.

  • Kim says:

    What beautiful photographs, you all look wonderful. Congratulations! I do hope the feeling sick ends soon for you.

    -Much Love, Kim and Mr. Gnome

  • Katy says:

    I'm a little behind in my reading, so I'm not sure if this is your first announcement, but CONGRATULATIONS!! My sister's 4 children are spaced the same!

  • Gemma says:

    These photos are beautiful! Congratulations on your new addition to an already gorgeous family x

  • awwwwww these photos are sooo beautiful and dreamy!! i love that you are going to keep the gender a secret!!! it will no doubt be fun either way – boy or girl! congrats again!!

  • Victoria says:

    Your family is so very beautiful! Love the unbrellas:)

  • Melissa says:

    So A-mazing. Bet you can't pick your favorite.

  • Ashley says:

    Congrats!! I remember the post a while back when you were contemplating having another. I hoped you would go for it. 🙂 I'm the oldest of seven and though it is challenging sometimes, it is wonderful too! Again, congrats on your new blessing!!

  • Ashley says:

    P.S. The photos (and family:) are beautiful!

  • KK says:

    congrats again! you guys are just absolutely precious.. what a great, great family.

    get some rest – i'll be sending you tons of energy!

  • oh my gosh! i have been absent for a while, so i don't know if i missed something, if you announced this before, but CONGRATULATIONS! i am so excited to see another cute munchkin from you guys! your family is so precious and i love your blogging. keep it up mama, you are awesome!

  • Wow four kids! I hope someday I'll have time to have a lot of kids! That's great that you can be a stay at home mom! That's my dream someday 🙂

    Beautiful pictures 🙂

  • Rubyellen says:

    you all have such lovely and encouraging words… thank you!

    and yes, for those who just got it, we are indeed having another! i am still in shock myself!!!!

    and i love being a stay at home, though somedays i do want to pull my hair out, but i do highly recommend it!!!

  • These are such pretty photos! Gorgeous family.
    That little sailor dress is so so cute x

  • Those pictures are almost as adorable as your family:) When we were kids, my mom would always dress me and my 2 sisters in the cutest dresses:)

  • mandiegirl says:

    Congrats on your newest babycakes! 🙂

  • Your family is simply adorable! I'm so in love with your blog right now! I went back to the first post and am just reading away 🙂 Your love for Christ, your husband, and your sweet girls is so infectious! I think I love my hubby even more now!!!!! Thanks for all the lovely posts!

  • lynxymama says:

    congrats! can't wait to outfit the new little one too!!


  • Jen says:

    your family is the cutest ever!! i feel your pain with the teenage year comment…my family's will look like this 18,17,16!! yikes!!! 😉

  • katrina kay says:

    most adorable family ever!

  • molly june. says:

    oh, WOW!!! congratulations! a new baby?! YAHOOOOO! you make the darn cutest kids. it should be a rule that cute making kid people continue to populate the earth 🙂 heh.

    these are the prettiest pictures i think i've ever laid eyes on 🙂

  • PJ Tibayan says:

    Great pics! I'm especially encouraged by the the KFC and In-n-out comment! God is good.

  • Heather says:

    You are such a cute family! I love your fun and inspiring blog.

  • What a lovely family –
    I like the photos of your family with umbrellas, cute shots.

  • Jennifer says:

    i'm in love with these pictures. i came over from richelle's blog and i scrolled and these caught my eye so i just had to see what the entry was about.

    you're family is beautiful.

  • Lorajean says:

    I knew I wanted to get pregnant this year but didn't know how baby hungry I really was till right now by how jealous I am of you! 🙂 No fair! Your Soul and my 3rd (Everett) are only a month or so apart and you are already pregnant and beat me to it! I better get cracking'! 🙂 Congratulations!!

  • Danielle says:

    Wow, you are seriously a gorgeous family.
    Congrats on your pregnancy, I too had 4 kids under 5, it is very hard at the beginning ( I did have 2 very sick kids which didn't help)
    But having that many kids, is such a blessing, you will find yourself constantly counting to 4 to make sure you can see them all.
    All the best!

  • Hey! OMG you guys look soooo amazing!
    Enjoy everyday like this.

  • Lucy says:

    Utterly gorgeous photos, and…..oh my gosh, you are pregnant!! Congratulations, such lovely news!

  • Catherine says:

    Whoops, using Lucy's again again. It's me who sent those last wellwishes…

  • MAE says:

    I'm one of your newest followers through someone who had suggested following you and I have to say I fell in love with you, your blog & your entire family.

    You are so inspirational being that I am also a mom and wife. It's amazing and definitely warms my heart. I've only begun going through your blogs and cannot wait to read more <3


  • SpdZ says:

    Oh, what a beautiful family!!
    Great pictures!

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