the sailorette

August 3, 2009

I have been happily slaving away for my little Brave, so forgive the late Monday post. Tomorrow is her 2nd birthday and what a fine day it will be. I can’t believe my baby will be two. Time always flies so fast and this is the mama-made, little, birthday suit to help celebrate time flying for our little brave sailorette.

for my little sailorette
(front of outfit)
And naturally, every little sailorette must have some sort of tattoo.
sailorette's first tattoo
for my little sailorette
(back of outfit)
I fashioned the high waisted shorts after some vintage ones that I bought from this lovely shop. Buttons were added to the tank and lastly the little tattoo patch, which I have had for a few years now. I have been saving it for the absolute perfect little outfit and I think it couldn’t be more perfect. 
We were going to take her (and her sister) somewhere special on Saturday to celebrate her birthday, but plans changed. We are having a mini-just-us-family party tomorrow night with a special little theme in mind and Brave will wear her little sailorette getup. Then, on Wednesday she will wear her special birthday suit again to a special outing. Hey! My guess is sailors don’t bring loads and loads of clothes with them out to sea, so it is perfectly dandy to wear the same outfit two times in a row, provided birthday cake doesn’t get all over it from the night before.
Now, it is back to the sewing machine as I try to crank out Brave’s birthday present. This little gift I had in mind turned out to be harder than I originally thought. I keep getting stuck and have to take a break to figure how to work things out. I really hope I am done by tomorrow. Actually, I must be done by tomorrow because tomorrow is Brave’s birthday. She doesn’t really understand birthdays, but it will be a big deal to us no matter what. Eek! I can hardly wait!

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