polaroid tuesday: week twenty-six

June 30, 2009

Sun’s first light peeking in as I sneak a quiet breakfast while the girls are still asleep. 
week twenty-six
I really do love polaroids. I have yet to send emails for the wonderful polaroid offer mentioned last week, but have slowed down as they are out right now, but are restocking. Stay tuned, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you…

6 comments on “polaroid tuesday: week twenty-six”

  • Linzy says:

    Ruby, I stumbled across your blog a while ago and have since loved what you share! Your creativity is inspiring and daughters and husband a riot. What a sweet family! I also loved how you say you want to enjoy God in everything, He is enjoyable! Thanks for sharing.

  • Prue says:

    That photo is so warm! I want to sit in the sun and soak it up.

  • your polaroids are lovely.

    i wish i had more time to take polaroid photos.

    thanks for sending me the offer btw, it sounds amazing!

  • ruby you are so inspiring! i faithfully follow both your memory hunting blog and your cakies blog and i discovered you about 17 years ago but i think you are amazing! thank you for sharing your creativity with the world, it makes me want to fly a kite while sipping on italian creme soda!!!

  • Rachel says:

    Great shot!

  • This is just gorgeous… I want that on my wall to look at every day!!!

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