it was too hot

June 29, 2009

The heat has hit and boy did it hit hard. Yesterday was 102 degrees and just terrible. On the way home from church, I made Ben satisfy my request for icee and then we came home and I made pink lemonade freshers… refreshing. Refreshing is True’s new vocabulary word. I am not sure True liked the lemonade as much as she liked the straws, which were a gift from Erika a long time ago, and I finally found the perfect special occasion to use it. Brave, on the other hand, loved it and got 2 servings of the refreshing drink, but then again, Brave loves everything. 
pink lemonade + 102 degrees = ahh!!!
sipping cutely
toesies in the grass
Of course, the heat also means bare little feetsies on the grass. I don’t know how my girls do it cause they run all over the yard (in the sun) and don’t care, while I think it is too hot and stay under the shade. I guess collecting rocks and flowers are much more important to them than worrying about the heat. 
The forecast for the week will be hot and busy. Lots to do. I need to make a list to make sure I get everything done, but we are excited for Saturday to come. Summer is in full swing here and getting exciting, even if it isn’t my favorite season. I definitely have visions of lots of lemonade, salads and yummy sandwiches being eaten on the front porch. It’s in my head and I hope it happens lots! By the way, does anyone have a killer lemonade recipe? One that doesn’t call for too much sugar, but is the perfect balance between tart and sweet. 
Happy Monday all!!!

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