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June 26, 2009

I love making custom crown (and regular ones), but custom ones always present a challenge and I love a challenge… usually. Well, one of my closest friends requested a I LOVE NY crown for her little girl as a hint to her dad of what he was getting for Father’s Day, which were plane tickets to NY. I knew this was going to be a fun crown for a stylin’ little girl.Β 

She wanted I LOVE NY, skyscrapers, and if I could manage to get the Brooklyn Bridge in. Let’s just say I got two of the three, but I was having trouble putting the bridge in without the crown looking too busy. But I was very happy with result and I think she was too!

I<3NY crown
I<3NY crown
I<3NY crown

I must say that yesterday was a very productive day as all my bathrooms are now clean! I even cleaned the showers and tubs, which is quite an accomplishment as I never ever clean those. I hate cleaning that part of the bathroom. Anyone have any tips on how to remove really bad hard water stains? Today’s task will be to fold and put away laundry and I would really like to get some sewing in. Now that I think about it, I didn’t even feel nauseous at all yesterday. Maybe, things are looking better. Ah! To be human again is such a good feeling. Well, thank you very much to my two little, not so little anymore, seesters for taking care of my very little girls. You two are the best!!!
The weather is expected to heat up this weekend… yikes! I know I am a wuss when it comes to hot weather. I prefer the cold.Β 
Happy Friday! Keep cool this weekend with watermelon, cherries, and a whole bunch of lemonade. At least that’s my plan!

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  • Martina says:

    I'm not sure about hard water stains specifically but we had some orangish stains in our tub (rust?) and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work amazing!

  • mrs.deane says:

    I'll bet you could have “drawn” the bridge with your thread like you do free hand embroidery style in white to go with the I heart NY. But, you're probably right altogether. Too busy.

    Yea for you on the cleaning! I also agree about Mr. Clean magic erasers. Don't be afraid to buy them generic for cheaper at Target. I've done so and they work just as well. But if you're doing a whole bathtub or two, be sure to get the big box!!!

    Love, Susan

    My verification word is skinti. “I'm feeling so skinti today.” Ha ha.

  • modwife says:

    You may try vinegar to get the hard water off. It will smell bad, but it's a good water softener.


  • Another wonderful creation! I love it!

  • madison says:

    wow this is my favorite crown ever. i would wear that all the time. <3

  • i have a crush on your family. everyone is so adorable and creative πŸ™‚ if i lived on the west coast i'd have your sis do my hair πŸ˜› have a great weekend!

  • Sweet crown! So glad you are feeling productive, I remember the SLOW days of pregnancy too and they can be frustrating but it is all so worth it! Enjoy the weekend!

  • sharyl says:

    OOhhhh I looooove NY too!

    CLR bathroom and kitchen cleaner works really well, but probably not recommended for expecting mothers. I've tried using white vinegar as well. It works! here's a helpful link: http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/kitchen-and-bath/kitchen-and-bathroom-surfaces/how-to-remove-lime-scale/

  • Natalia says:

    Hi there,
    i have a cleaning tip that i LOVE to share: I use a bounce sheet for those hard water spots. You just get it wet and rub away! It's really great for glass shower doors. I love cleaning water spots these days!

    The crown is perfect by the way!

  • dana says:

    So cool! What a great design. Turned out brilliant.

  • jem jemmy says:

    you're awesome!! CLR really works wonders!!

  • Your crowns are just too cute. This one would be such a great souvenir rather than a cheesy shirt!
    I love the watermelon one from yesterday too! I do not envy you the ickies even one bit. I have three little ones and each has managed to be totally worth it! Best wishes!

  • Seriously… Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!!! I already bought it for you. I will drop the best thing ever off on soon! Promise. We love the crown and all the clips. I have so many things in my head I want you to make!

  • Sara says:

    just watch the babycakies with the magic eraser. i have seen some emails with pictures with kids with burns from them…don't know how valid they are, but they aren't for baby hands πŸ™‚

    did you get my email about tuesday?
    i hope you can maybe come.
    Steph and Andre will be there.
    I invited Meredith and her boys, they are going to try and come!

  • Rubyellen says:

    okay, i bought the bounce sheets and it seems to help, but i think my hard water build up is so bad that it will take awhile to come off. i bought a squeegee to use after showers to take water off. so far, so good. magic erasers… i can't wait to try it. my friend owen got me some, so once she delivers it, i will have a go. i have feeling it will be the magic that i need! thanks for all the tips cause you all the best!!!

  • Jeannie says:

    i love your NYC crown; it is so unique.

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