sweet and refreshing

June 25, 2009

Darn. I forgot yesterday was Wedding Wednesday. Sorry. I might just post it later today or continue next week. Of late, I have been quite absentminded with so much going on and not enough brain to think about it all! Does that ever happen to anyone? Maybe, it’s just me. Maybe, this baby is sucking all my brains for himself/herself… maybe. Nice thing is that my sisters are with me today and that means babysitters!!! I get to catch up and clean and do things that I have wanted/needed to do… I think I’ll sew me a dress. Well, we will see how time goes. 
I have made a couple custom crowns this past week and here is just one of them. For a special Ruby who is going to turn 5 with a perfect, summery, watermelon themed party!
watermelon 5
watermelon crown
watermelon bite
I found this crown so sweet and refreshing that I had to take a bite. Now, really, who can resist a cool, sweet watermelon in the summer? It is the perfect treat to help one cool off from the scorching sun. 
How is the weather where you are at? Has the summer heat already hit? It hasn’t here and I am enjoying every bit of it. Though, we will be making our way to Texas in about a week, so I know I am gonna be in for a lot of heat. 

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