October 10, 2011

Seriously, Ben is just the best. I wake up Saturday morning and the girls tell me they have a surprise, but I have to wait. Shortly after, Ben comes upstairs with a brown paper in hand, makes us girls all sit on the bed together while he reads aloud what he has on his brown paper. He says, in a decree-like fashion…
pappy cakes
After which he says we all need to go downstairs. Though, this is where there was a slight change of plans as I just happened to notice True has red dots and bumps all over her foot and upon closer inspection, they seemed to be all over her body. A few calls here and a few calls there, we determine she may have chickenpox or is having a late reaction to the chocolate chip cookies she had the other day. Eventually though, the surprise gets back underway.
What was it? Well, Ben had prepared a buttermilk pancake batter from this recipe and had bought a griddle (that he so slyly kept hidden away for a couple weeks) and pancake batter dispenser, had little pancake add-ins ready and we were about to recreate our own version of Slappy Cakes from our Portland trip almost exactly one year ago. That man is good! We were going to make our own pancakes right at our own table at home… so fun!!!
pappy cakespappy cakes
We made hearts, bows, shapes, spelled out our names, made little creatures, and some funny faces all the while devouring all morning long. Heck, Ben and I even had our own round of tic-tac-toe. Not to mention, we threw in some chocolate chips here, some berries there, and some bacon bits may have made it into some of the pancakes too! Seriously, all super yummy!!!
pappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakes
pappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakespappy cakes
The girls seemed like bottomless pits as they were eating everything up all morning long. I feel we may have ourselves a new little family breakfast tradition coming on. Ben says he had planned to do this little surprise later in the month, but he was much too excited that he had to do it sooner. I am glad he did because pancakes were just what my tummy needed Saturday morning! We all definitely love us some Pappy Cakes!!!

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