August 25, 2013

chairMy Glow looks so sweet sitting in this chair with her babies (bear and cat). I borrowed the chair from my friend Owen for the Babiekins baby shower this weekend, but my friend is selling it now, so if you’re in SoCal and interested do let me know.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow loves spicy food (in tiny bits at a time)!

True’s first loose tooth is almost ready to come out, but she’s so scared to pull it off!

I never get tired of hearing Me & Mr. Cassidy! They’ll be playing at the Salvage Life grand opening, so mark your calendars for Sept. 21st! I plan on going and would love to meet you!

Met the designers behind Frankie & Sue and I’m total loving their boho, colorful line of clothing for girls! Their harem pants for kids are so cute!

My girls would love to eat these Cinnamon Roll Waffles for breakfast. Okay, maybe I would too!

Thankful I was able to get one whole month of lesson planning done, so we’re totally ready to start (home) school again on Tuesday!

The girls had so much fun with their first sleepover (at our house) this past week!

This weekend flew by since I was mostly busy with prepping for the Babiekins baby shower. It was a good evening of friends, desserts, and lots of crafting! What was your weekend filled with?

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  • My lesson plans usually go weekly, so that is amazing that you did a whole month’s worth!!!
    Oh wow, a sleep over already?? I have so many bad memories from those. Hopefully they will only have good ones!

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