for my little girl who loves spider-man

August 23, 2013

brave bday handmade goodsbrave bday handmade goodsDSC_4412brave bday handmade goods

This was the dress I made for Brave’s birthday this year (post coming next week). She loves Spider-Man! When I asked her what kind of present she wanted for her birthday this year, she said, “Anything Spider-Man.” She also requested a pajama party at a hotel and to swim all day long.

I’m always such a last minute birthday dress maker, and for this one I used an old striped pillowcase of ours. I cut it up to get the pieces I wanted, sewed them together, and out came a cute little dress. Okay, there were a few more steps involved, but it really was a simple style to do. I was going to add 2 red buttons along the waist, but then I saw this top on pinterest, and knew that would be perfect. We did our own play on it with red dots and a spider! I called True over, and she was the one who added these finishing touches. This was totally fit for our little Spider-Girl!

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