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March 7, 2013

saturday datesaturday datesaturday datesaturday datesaturday datesaturday datesaturday datesaturday dateWe were out and about as a family this past weekend, which is something we haven’t been able to do for a long time, so it was time we were cherishing together. We were at this local, little, outdoor play area and it was pretty cool. We loved the seesaw and this little spinning thing (see . The girls had a blast playing in that little area and then we took a little walk near the little manmade lake of sorts. I say “of sorts” because it’s really too shallow to be a lake, but pretty big to just be a pond.

Glow really wasn’t into playing much (she just wanted to be held or sit next to us), which is just as well, because I tend to be a little nervous lately after her fall. If you don’t follow on instagram, we went to see her doctor to monitor the progress of how her tongue is healing and it isn’t healing like it ought to. We see the ENT specialist tomorrow to determine what can be done about it. I’m so nervous about it and I really have to keep my heart in check in trusting God and not getting too panicky. I’m more prone to the panicky, but I’m working on it. Glow’s still pretty happy and not fussy, so I don’t think it’s causing her anymore pain, which we’re very thankful for.

I’m excited about this weekend. Ben has some little surprised planned and we have gardening and the yard to catch up on (oh how the weeds are taking over!). My garden, the floral part, has been a jungle for months now and it’s time to tackle it. I want to get some Camellias in and Ben still has a few of his trees to plant too. With the warmer weather creeping in, the girls have been spending more time outside, so we want to get it tidied it up for them.

P.S. My bag is from Tukula and it’s this one. I love the gorgeous print!

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