my dear genius

September 9, 2008

My Benny is the smartest man I know! Really…

There are numerous times he will concoct something to eat just using whatever we have lying around… this usually comes after hours of him saying, “What do you want to eat?”

Me saying, “Nothing. Nothing sounds good.”

Then, he will whip himself something because I don’t want to do it or eat anything, and then he will sit next to me to eat it. I usually look at it and say (with an apprehensive face), “What’s that?!!”

He says, “Pureed vegetables. Want to try?”

“No thanks!”

“Just try it.”

“Fine.” I grab a spoonful put it in my mouth and my eyes light up!

“See it is good, huh?”

“Yeah.” Then, I proceed to eat the rest of his food before he has a chance to eat it and off he goes to make another batch for himself.

So this conversation happens a lot because sometimes (most of the time) he will mix ingredients that to me, is like, “No thanks!” but ends up being oh so good!!!

So this was his latest marvelous creation, which is made from his steamed vegetables cauliflower, yellow and orange carrots, broccoli that he forgot, so were overcooked, he pureed it and then added olive oil, garlic salt, and red pepper flakes. It came out like mush, but it really tasted so, so yummy!!!
A full serving of vegetables makes yummy food… this stuff is really good!!! And my Benny is just the greatest and super duper hottest guy ever!!!

We are also working on another special little project that I can’t wait to show you, so armed with spray paint and the make-shift mask I made him from my fabric scraps (he hated it) we got to work…
Okay, only he did, but I took some pictures!
I hope everyone has a good day today. I feel better as my big orders are out and I have a few etsy ones to work on (Susan… yours will be in the mail tomorrow!) and I hope to get to work on a few new things today too…
Happy Tuesday!!!

2 comments on “my dear genius”

  • nathalie says:

    sounds like you are all over the place…like me! i will be happy to get big orders out too!!!! i can’t wait to see this next project!!

  • Susan says:

    wow! i made a cakies post :O) i’m so excited to receive my order. i love cakies! thanks ruby!

    those veggies look delish! i’m a veggie and fruit “nut”.

    love, susan

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