owls + sun = don’t go together

December 2, 2008

Thanks everyone for the get well wishes. After two days of rest, I am feeling a little better, not quite 100% but I am on my way there. I did get to work on a little something. Come on, being sick couldn’t keep me away from making at least one thing! 
This is going to a sweet little K who will be celebrating her 2nd birthday with a hootin’ (is that even a word?) fantabulous party this Saturday. I hope she (and her mama) love it…

So at first, I made a little, teeny mistake. I was super proud and showing my Babe-iliscious what I made, but then he told me, “Ruby, owls come out at night.” Oh… yeah. I forgot. 
Now see where the moon is, I had a cute little sun with a vintage button, but I forgot that minor detail (thanks Benny!). I had to remove my cute little sun and put an equally sweet little moon. A perfect little moon for a perfect little owl. Good thing I put the moon, cause maybe Mr. Owl would sleep through the party if the sun stayed out! 
I have a few other ideas for more crowns that stem from this. I can’t wait to try it out, but I probably won’t get to it until next year. I already have a long list of projects for next year, but good thing I will be closing shop for January (maybe even February). It will be time to try some new things. 
My body is now telling me it’s time for bed.
Happy December everyone!!!

16 comments on “owls + sun = don’t go together”

  • What an adorable crown! My Love is working on one right now for our babe’s b-day this wknd…we’re keeping it simple in design so we can add to it every year…Hope you get 100% SOON!

  • Thalita Dol says:

    Oh, what a beatifull crown!

    I love Nathalie’s blog and sweet little K, I’m sure they will love it!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  • melissa says:

    That is so, so beautiful! Bravo!

  • That’s funny! See what happens when you try to work when you’re sick!!

  • Amy says:

    Now THAT is adorable!!

    I would love to see you posting more on flickr. Your creations (as well as your home decor) are so inspiring!

  • Iris says:

    what’s up with owls? our school mascot is owls so all of our teachers and staff collect them and i noticed that they’re really “in” right now? am i missing something? i’ll need to get some owl stuff from some of you handmade people. in fact, kekoa is wearing a handmedown owl jumper today made by gymboree that our friend used with her son b/c of our school mascot.

  • melindakimbo says:

    i left a comment yesterday… where’d it go? hmmm..
    That design would look so cute on a tote bag!

  • Rubyellen says:

    lin- email me the pic of our london house! don’t forget!!!

  • nathalie says:

    i love it i love it i love it!!!!!!!!!! and i love it again! you are a genious! love you girl!!

  • Rubyellen says:

    Our Green Nest- I would love to see the crown you come up with. I think that idea of adding things is grand!

    Quiltie Comments- yeah… tell me about it. Brain is not fully functioning.

    Amy- I have a flickr account but I am not sure how to use it, so I haven’t tried. I could never figure out how to get the little thumbnails from flickr on my page… maybe you could help me.

    Iris- yeah, I think owls are big right now. even anthropologie has some owl holiday decor. You should get something for kekoa! that is funny that everyone from your school is into owls cause of the mascot… that’s cute!

  • Megan says:

    I’ve been lurking on your site recently, looking at all your lovely pics, and decided to use blog comment day (http://eventhesmallest.blogspot.com/) to say hello! and I just love owls, so I think this is real cute!

  • Happy December! I’m loving your new crown!! My daughter is crazy for owls so I know she’d love it too! I’m excited to see what you’re planning for 2009! I was feeling a little burnt out but reading your blog made me excited for the new year!

  • Rubyellen says:

    hi megan! nice to meet you… and i think blog comment day is a fantastic idea! i definitely want to join in when i have the chance…

  • Christin says:

    Love the owl, and think you should add it as a cakie clip style too!

  • melissa says:

    this is absolutely adorable!!!

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