to each her own

April 14, 2009

Easter was full of Christ, family, food, and lots of fun. All was done in each girls’ home-sewn dress. Ben was joking around that he needed something, well, maybe next year, but for us (girls that is!) it was perfect for all the festivities…
True's easter dress
Brave's easter dress
my easter dress

From top to bottom:
True’s was made of a very pretty striped linen. It was originally intended for Brave, but seeing how I kind of guess everything, it ended up a tad big. Ends up True was requesting pink of sorts, thus this slight mishap was perfect for her.
Brave’s was made of an orangey-salmon-ish linen and the print was cotton voile. I was so stuck on how to make Brave’s. I had different ideas in mind. Actually, I started making a grey-bluish dress, but messed up and got frustrated and scrapped that idea all together. I started this at around 8 at night on Saturday and finished about an hour and half later (with lots of interruptions in between). I was really happy with the result and loved the color combination. Plus, making my own bias tape is so fun and easy (thanks to bias tape maker)!
My dress was a replica of this dress that I loved, but cannot afford, thus I made it in an eggplant colored cotton. It was close enough to me. I totally forgot to take a picture of me wearing it, but that’s fine. I loved it and Ben likes it a lot because it hugs my body a bit more, which makes me love it because it is all about being eye candy for my husband, right? Anyways. I love him. I want to make another like this, but maybe in the red. That would be perfect for summer!

i like eggs
I must say each dress was loved and worn all day long and it was a splendid Resurrection Sunday!!!

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